Royal Decree: The First Prime Minister of Arendelle

Her Majesty Queen Anna, on this auspicious day, hereby declares the establishment of the Prime Minister, the first Great Office of State.

Through her powers as the Kingdom of Arendelle’s sole executive, Her Majesty appoints through Royal Decree Her Ladyship Countess Viola of Clan Mundilfari as the first incumbent.

The powers and authority of the Prime Minister are detailed below in Anna’s Royal Decree:

The Prime Minister will serve as legislative complement to the Queen, crafting laws and policies that ensure a secure, prosperous, and flourishing kingdom for all citizens.

The Prime Minister is the supreme minister. She will oversee the lower House of Ministers and the upper House of Jarls in the Great Assembly, working with the Queen to ensure the smooth passage of laws through the parliament.

The Prime Minister will have considerable powers over domestic and foreign policy, with the proviso that she must defer to the Queen should disagreements arise between them.

The Prime Minister will assume the despotic executive powers of the Queen should the monarch suffer an unexpected death or be incapacitated for any reason.

The Prime Minister will oversee the royal succession in the event of the monarch’s premature death or incapacitation.

The Prime Minister is unelected and does not legally answer to the people. She serves at the pleasure of the sovereign and must resign should the Queen request her to do so.

Her Majesty’s successor shall also be sworn, in the sacred hall of Arendelle Chapel, to all of the obligations detailed above regarding the Prime Minister’s office.

May this day be a joyous one!

Signed and sealed in Arendelle on this day of our Lord, 1843,
Her Majesty Queen Anna

6 thoughts on “Royal Decree: The First Prime Minister of Arendelle

  1. I don’t think anyone ever saw this day coming. Congrats to Queen Anna and, I can’t believe I am saying this, Prime Minister Viola. This is awesome.


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    1. Thank you so much, Alan! I’m kind of emotional myself – and yeah, a bit scared – this is all new, constitutionally. And it might have consequences much bigger than my early goal to protect Vi and save face with China. But in my heart of hearts, this is my chance to go big with reform and look to not just the next few years, but decades!

      Anna and Vi

      P.S. That was all Her Majesty, Master Alan. I assure you I’d put things differently, but in any case, I’ve lent myself to Anna. I’m still me, but Anna is my sovereign. That makes us allies before anything else.

      Countess Viola

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      1. “Yeah, but I know you will make it all work. I just know it. Congrats on pulling this off.”


        (P.S., Well, in either case, at least we aren’t fighting you and Hilde, I call that a major win. Now that you’re working with and for Anna and Arendelle, I feel like I can trust you a bit more, PM Viola. Hilde on the other hand, I’m not so sure. Anyway, I am glad you are with us and not against us.)


  2. “As Trade Minister, I fully look forward with working together with PM Viola Mundilfari. I’ve conversed with her during this time from when she appeared as the head of Clan Mundilfari. Queen Anna and myself have shown this magnificent lady a lot of love and support. I pray that this relationship will bring nothing but growth and continued friendship with our allies and trade partners.

    To God be the Glory


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    1. I’m so glad the jarls and ministers had no problems with my letters patent: I know you’ll make a great minister for our government, Uncle. Glad to have you closer at the heart of the Great Assembly.

      Anna and Vi

      PS. That was all Anna (again), I’m afraid. But I’m glad that a familiar face like you is in parliament with me. I hate to admit it, but I’m newer to this than Anna. I’ve always preferred to be a puppeteer and patron, but now Anna’s made me her partner. I suppose I’d better actually do some work.

      Countess Viola


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