Queen Anna’s Letter and Apology to the Emperor of China

Warmest greetings to Your Imperial Majesty, the Daoguang Emperor!

I, Queen Anna, extend to the Great Qing Empire’s people the sincerest greetings and best wishes of the people of the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Since the reign of my predecessor and sister, Queen Emerita Elsa, Sino-Arendellian relations have flourished in a spirit of mutual respect and deepening understanding. Mutual trade is growing. Arendelle maintains neutrality in any conflict that the Great Qing is involved in. Much of this progress has been thanks to our family’s friendship with Your Imperial Majesty’s grandson and right hand, Prince Regent Yixin. He’s a master statesman and understands the position of Arendelle in Europe and in the world. He has been a reliable ally as we face the challenges of modernity together.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I have no choice but to refuse Lord Yixin’s, and by extension Your Imperial Majesty’s, request to wage war against Countess Viola Mundilfari, who is an aristocrat and citizen of our kingdom. My first priority will always be protecting my people, and I also can’t afford to plunge my own realm into civil war.

I have great sympathy for the motivation behind the request. I’m acutely aware of Your Imperial Majesty’s fury at Viola’s destructive war crimes against the Southern Isles. The Great Qing government fears that Viola may turn her private armies against China, and that’s a logical concern. As a loyal ally, I’m determined not to let that happen. 

In the name of keeping Your Imperial Majesty’s goodwill and protecting the dignity of the Great Qing Empire, while also keeping the peace in Arendelle, I’ve made a bold and decisive choice: to bring Viola under my authority with an official ministerial appointment, the highest in rank.

The office of Prime Minister has never existed in Arendelle before, due to our unique history as an executive monarchy. I’d be therefore diluting my own power in employing a Prime Minister under me. However, it would formalize Viola Mundilfari’s considerable political influence, bind her interests to mine, and most importantly, subordinate her authority and estate to the Arendellian Crown.

The Countess will never have the chance to threaten you or any of Arendelle’s friends again.

I understand that this is not the perfect solution. But given the difficult position I’m in, I see it as the only option that can protect both Viola and Your Imperial Majesty’s great country.

Please allow me some time as I try to convince Viola to accept my offer. I promise to bring Your Imperial Majesty and Lord Yixin good news soon.

Health and happiness to all of China! 

My warmest wishes,
Anna of Arendelle

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