New Northuldra Trust Aims for Civic, Multilateral Engagement

By Emmanuel, Conservation Correspondent for The AG

The queen’s newly established Northuldra Trust aims to oversee conservation of the forest as its tribes begin working in partnership with Arendelle’s political and economic system. Sources close to Honeymaren, Anna’s Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations, have confided to me that she and Her Majesty have tipped Ryder to lead the Trust, with positions on its executive board soon to be opened to stakeholder votes.

The Trust is understood to be the queen’s attempt to bridge what the monarchy sees as a “gap of understanding” between the government’s plans for Arendelle’s re-integration with Northuldra, as outlined in Anna’s ambitious, reign-defining bill, and the public’s knowledge of the stakes involved.

Northuldra: Flashpoint in Arendellian Struggle for Power 

The queen’s disclosure of her own military intelligence in her newspaper column (that a powerful paramilitary general called Hilde Von Altheim was amassing forces for an invasion of Northuldra in the future) sent ripples through the body politic and watchers of Arendellian affairs. This fumble was compounded by a leaked row between Anna and her top commander, General Mattias, about the leak, with Mattias having been against Anna’s decision.

Increasingly, a public picture is being painted by the press of a strong but embattled monarch engaged in an effective shadow war with the aristocrat Viola Mundilfari, whose ancient influence and power in the kingdom has been sorely underestimated by the Crown.

Critics of the queen, particularly columnists and commentators in the Mundilfari-owned Snow Herald, dismiss the formation of Northuldra Trust as an attempt to divert attention away from the bad week Anna’s suffered.

In an editorial, the editor of the Snow Herald blasted the queen: “First she leaks her own state secrets to the public in her vanity column, and then the press catches her and her general in a fight. Despite her lucky start last year, she’s proven herself to be a political amateaur, a busted flush. She’s already dead; she should get herself buried.”

Disclose, Debate, and Discredit: Anna’s Policy for Viola’s Imperialism

The monarchy dismissed the narrative that Anna was losing political capital. A palace spokeswoman noted that Anna could not allow a private citizen, even an influential noblewoman like the Countess, conduct an extralegal, imperialist foreign policy independent of the government.

The queen and her allies, including this newspaper, have chosen to adopt a strategy of “Three D’s”: public “disclosure, debate, and discrediting” of Viola’s designs for domestic and foreign dominance. Military action would remain a last resort, and Anna was quick to point out in interviews with the papers that she maintained a back channel with Viola and Hilde, which allowed for further negotiation and discussion.

In the meantime, if the “gap of understanding” about Northuldra between the public and government is to be bridged, a civilian organization like the Trust is essential. Northuldra Trust, in this light, is an essential tool in Anna’s strategy against Viola. Greater public sympathy for Northuldra and its people’s integral involvement in the future of the kingdom will not only be critical for the world, but also fulfil Anna and Snow Queen Elsa’s legacies.

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