Anna’s Column: A Plea and Entreaty

Featured image art by Athena (@myrthena) for The Arendelle Guardian

By HM Queen Anna

I’m sorry. I’ve been smiling and laughing less since my return from Mundilfari Keep. Has it already been a month? There’s been so much going on that I’d have lost track of time without Kristoff or Maren to remind me.

My sleepover with Vi, in one way, went extremely well. We not only bathed in the thermal springs together, but I also saw a side of the Countess that… if I’m honest, I’d never expected. So vulnerable, so gentle. It made me open up in a way I only do for friends, intimate friends, and I think, no, I know that my tender feelings made Vi feel something she hasn’t felt in a long time.

Yes, it went so well that it turned into a wagon wreck. It happens every now and then.

She told me, with impeccable timing during a moment we were having, that she was already planning her next move, having summoned her most trusted and deadly general to Arendelle.

In her own curious way, she tried to apologize, admitting that she confessed in a moment of weakness. Perhaps it was a subconscious attempt to give me some measure of equal footing.

I don’t need that. I don’t need to “win.” I don’t need any kind of “victory” over you. Just having to fight my own Arendellian citizen, even a powerful aristocratic one like you – do you know how painful that is for me? How much clearer could I have been on board Muspelheim that day, when we had drawn swords against each other and I’d dropped mine?

My offer stands: I’m willing to give you my life. There’ll be no fight, no big climatic battle. But I need you to do something in return. I need you, Vi, if you really love me as you claim and want to serve me as my great and noble countess, to relinquish your claims on Elsa and Northuldra, and the Mundilfaris’ ancient goal to destroy the Five Spirits.

As Arendelle’s queen, I stand in your way as Elsa’s final line of defence. You and I both possess iron wills, and it’s becoming clearer that our feud over my sister is going global, dragging other kingdoms and empires into the vortex of our struggle against each other. Corona, Great Britain, Agrabah – and soon, thanks to your own general, Commander Hilde, many other European powers…

This is madness.

What force drives you to wield your considerable power and near-limitless influence in the name of destroying Elsa? Some spectre of the past, or a literal ghost lurking about in your castle? Is it possible that I might be strong enough to help you rebel against it, to overcome it, so I can claim you instead? Yes, I’m possessive that way. It’s better than you chasing after my sister and wreaking havoc and death across Northuldra along the way.

A reporter of this newspaper once asked me if there were undertones of possessiveness or emotional tension in our relationship? Are you kidding me? It’s been nothing but tension! And it keeps me up at night. It exhausts me. I know it bewilders and confuses you too.

We’re a mess, you and I, and we have no idea how to disentangle ourselves from each other. Politically, I mean. Ha.

Do we have to do this to each other? Answer me, Vampire Vi. If you’re not going to relinquish your dance of death with Elsa, at least don’t toy with me.

Like it or not, the kingdom’s destiny lies in our bond and how you and I both end up in regards to Northuldra’s future: whether you spare its lands and its spirits, or we clash, not just in Parliament, the press, or in corporate wars, but on the battlefield once more.

As much as you drive me crazy, I don’t know if I can bear that. And I know, by the spirits, that you don’t want to kill me, either.

So let’s talk. I’ll never give up on you.


8 thoughts on “Anna’s Column: A Plea and Entreaty

  1. Let’s all hope and pray that this has a good ending and maybe, somehow, the love that Viola has had planted by you in her heart grows to it’s fullest.


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      1. Honestly, I don’t know, despite preparing my strategy as best as I can. I’ve mobilized an outpost of Arendellian soldiers to protect the borders of Northuldra, where the enchanted mists once stood. I’ve done so reluctantly – there have been grumbles among some tribespeople and I don’t blame them. But I can’t take the risk because Hilde will spare no resources to target Yelena. It’s only hearsay, but I heard that Hilde studied under some of the most formidable and successful generals, including Otto Von Bismarck.

        Hilde still needs time to train and arm the Runic Knights, and I plan to slow this process through denying Hilde various channels through which she procures finance and armaments. Mattias knows that Hilde can’t move freely without access to Keep Mundilfari, so he’ll take care of troop movements on Arendelle’s territory without making too much of a fuss and sending the kingdom into a panic. Our High Command predicts a period of “shadow war” before open conflict between Hilde and me – but my hope is that I can win the shadow war before Hilde has fully mobilized and invaded Northuldra.

        Yet in all of these military preparations, I’m increasingly uneasy that Hilde might try to deny me strategic and political advantage even before she actually does any attacking. Might she try to undermine my grand alliance with other nations, or stir up trouble in Northuldra, whose people are already increasingly nervous?



  2. Queen Anna, I must commend your unwavering feelings towards Viola, towards wanting to end all of this peacefully and furthermore to keep Elsa, the Northuldra, and the Enchanted Forest alive. Nobody wants to see anyone die because of all this. I’m sure nobody wanted to see Agrabah fall to Hilde. But, unfortunately, the past is the past, and we have to deal with the repercussions in the present and future.

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to help more. I didn’t get to do much during the Battle of the Fjord. I have been busting my ass, working on my fighting skills and otherwise. I’ve even watched some of your sessions with Mattias from afar, taking notes mentally and training myself. By sword or by fist, I want to fight. There is so much on the line, I cannot stay off to the side. I would throw myself in front of Viola’s sword to save you and/or Elsa. As I have said in the past, I’ve fallen in love with Elsa. I want to have the opportunity to spend time with her, to visit Northuldra for that matter. And I will do anything to make that happen, to end “The Damn War”, as I call this conflict.

    Anna, there may come a time where you’ll have to let Viola go, to have to fight her to save yourself, your sister, your kingdom, and our allies. I know you don’t want to do that, to have to fight Viola, but you may not have a choice sometime down the road. Whatever is holding Viola back may become too strong for even her to overcome. Not to mention we have Hilde to deal with, she could very easily turn Viola back into a cold-blooded savage once more.

    We have to win, we must win. We must defeat Hilde, no matter where she goes or what happens, we must defeat her. Furthermore, we have to keep the Runic Army from getting stronger than our own Army. We as a kingdom have proven we are not one to be messed with. Now we must prove that our victory at the Battle of the Fjord was not a fluke. I don’t want you to have to fight Viola, I don’t want Elsa to have to either. I would rather fight for both of you than have either of you fight. Call it chivalry or call it loyalty, I call it the will to win.

    Its time I sharpen my blade and my mind. The training doesn’t end. The time to fight is coming. Hilde, bring it on. Viola, end your conquest now. You haven’t seen me fight yet. But I can assure you, I will fight with heart, with passion, with fury, and with pride. Bring. It. On.



    1. Dearest Alan, you know me – I never gave up on Elsa, and I won’t give up on Vi. Agrabah’s conquest, however, means that my conflict with the Countess has spilled beyond Arendelle’s borders. The stakes are higher than even before.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you with me when I attacked Muspelheim. A rapid response was critical, and I couldn’t risk the lives of my allies on such short notice. However, I’m very curious to know more about your progress with your training, and as an honourary knight of the realm, I hope you’ll consider joining my strategizing sessions. Because you can help me protect Elsa, the kingdom, and our friends. You say you love Elsa – this is a beautiful chance to help her.

      You bring up a very important point about Hilde – although Vi and I have been growing closer, Hilde is Vi’s childhood friend. She could be a very powerful influence on her, not to mention the other mysterious force that the Mundilfari clan has been supported by for centuries.

      In other words, you can fight for us – fight hard, and join my vanguard. I welcome you, and you’re a wonderfully chivalrous man. Thank you.


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      1. Anna, I would be more than honoured to join you in strategy and your vanguard. You know I want to protect Arendelle and our allies ae much as possible, Elsa especially. I do love her, she means everything to me, like she does to you. I understand the situation at the fjord, I have no issue with that.

        You’ll see my training soon enough, I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on.


        (PS, writer got RP Twitter account back)


  3. Anna! I’d say all the cards are on the table with the exception, of course, of any stray aces up Hilde’s sleeves. Alan will fight. He’s young and has a lot of spirit. I’m old and fat! But that will not stop me from having to, once again, get the citizens of Arendelle to take up arms and defend Arendelle proper. Businesses, families, our very lives in Arendelle are at stake. You and Elsa are good Queens and leaders. So with all of this, there should be no reason to a person that one should not take up arms to defend what is ours from this unwelcome invader.



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