URGENT: Re. Hilde Von Altheim, or the Spirit Killer

For the Editor of The Arendelle Guardian


As requested, I’ve gathered the following leaks on your behalf. They come directly from your sympathetic eyes in the Arendellian military, as well as our kingdom’s spy network, the Ravens.

As Queen Anna has told her inner court and trusted advisors, the Countess’s ex-classmate, Hilde Von Altheim, has apparently been summoned by Viola to Arendelle. Intelligence understands that Hilde’s main objective is to reorganize the Order of the Rune, Viola’s dilapidated knightly order, into a private army that can overwhelm even the state force of the Arendellian army.

The Battle of the Fjord, which Viola lost, demonstrated to her the serious decline of her Runic Knights, many of whom were simply aged veterans with outdated armor and weapons. Numbering no more than forty, they lost over half of their forces to Anna’s raid on Muspelheim.

We can conclude that the Countess has decided that the very military of Arendelle needs to be neutralized, or at least rendered irrelevant, in order to carry out her ultimate goal – the conquest of Northuldra and the destruction of the Five Spirits. This strategic epiphany has compelled her to summon Commander Hilde from her overseas colonial projects.

A German noblewoman by birth (but who has renounced her title since leaving school), Commander Hilde is a strategic, remorseless genius with the blood of countless enemy soldiers and civilians on her hands. From what I hear from the Arendellian High Command, she’s best thought of as Viola’s counterpart to Anna’s General Mattias. She has served in the German, Qing, French, and Prussian armies, ruthlessly carving out colonial territory across the world on behalf of imperial powers. In each enclave she has established Mundilfari eyes and ears, stashing arms, recruiting sleeper agents and soldiers of fortune, and gathering intelligence for Viola’s use.

Most disturbingly, her troops’ nickname for her is “Spirit Killer” – I haven’t been able to gather any intelligence on why she’s called this, but this doesn’t bode well for what she intends to do when she ultimately moves on Northuldra and the Snow Queen. Beware.

Commander Hilde’s recent conquest of the decaying sultanate of Agrabah is already sending geopolitical ripples across Arabia. Governments across Asia and Europe have taken notice; monarchs are scared. It’s a dramatic statement of her power and mercilessness.

If she really has been recalled to Arendelle to reform the Order of the Rune into a fearsome paramilitary, the Spirit Killer could become Anna’s worst nightmare – a military strongwoman with dictatorial instincts, who believes in violence as purification.

I have no doubt that Anna’s inner court knows that Arendelle’s modern age will be a dark and tragic one if Commander Hilde isn’t stopped.

Please take action with Her Majesty as soon as possible, and prepare for an ongoing, high-stakes struggle ahead.

Do me a favour and burn this letter as soon as you’re done with it, Chief. I know that you and your friends are close to the queen, but a civilian isn’t officially to know the state secrets contained herein. General Mattias has kindly agreed to “keep one eye open, leave one eye closed” in regards to this letter, so that Anna’s allies can form a united vanguard against the terrifying threat to Arendelle and Northuldra’s future.

Sergeant Severin

6 thoughts on “URGENT: Re. Hilde Von Altheim, or the Spirit Killer

  1. Thank you, Sergeant.

    Arendelle’s armed forces and Northuldra’s defence need to be razor sharp to defeat Hilde

    Elsa, bring out your “A” game. You’ll need to be at your utmost best.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem, Master Michael. General Mattias has told me that you’re privy to these secrets, so please feel free to coordinate with the queen where necessary. My request is the same as that I made to the Chief – burn this letter.

      Sergeant Severin


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