An Interview with the Royal Biographer

We at The Arendelle Guardian are privileged to interview Seeker, who is working on a biography of the Queen Emerita, Elsa, at Anna’s request. Our Lore and Archival Reporter, Mikael, had the pleasure of sitting down with this gentleman for a discussion. Many things were not as they seemed…

Mikael (M): The kingdom’s literati and intelligentsia have been abuzz with gossip about you. Elsa and Anna are beloved for their modesty, and have never commissioned any biography for their family – until now. Tell us what your background is, where you come from.

Seeker (S): Where we all come from: my mother’s womb. In all seriousness, that’s a difficult question to answer. I have been traveling since I was little, we never stayed in one place for more than a couple years and I enjoyed it. I loved traveling to new places, and meeting new people. When I grew I up I decided to strike out on my own and I have not stopped since. I suppose I could give the answer “Home is where the heart is,” but instead I’ll just say anywhere with good people is home for me.

M: How did you first encounter the sister-queens?

S: That is actually an interesting story. When I was visiting Corona for the first time I learned about the neighboring country of Arendelle and decided to go there next. It was a few weeks before Elsa’s coronation when I arrived and I was so absorbed with soaking in everything Arendelle had to offer that I never learned of the upcoming event. The first thing that struck me about this beautiful country were the mountains. I had to see them for myself so I got some supplies and began hiking throughout Arendelle’s wilderness.

I walked far and wide and I soon found myself in the North Mountain. I was doing well until a ferocious blizzard struck my campsite from out of nowhere. I was of course confused and intrigued since it was the middle of summer so I set out into the bitter cold to get some answers. I did not travel far until I heard something that sounded like…singing? I was immediately entranced by the song for I had not heard anything like it, and it warmed my heart like nothing else before.

I followed the strange melody until I saw a purple cape fly past me in the howling wind. Now I had to know what was going on so I began to run until I saw her. I saw Elsa as she was just finishing her stairs made of ice that took her to mountains peak. I dared not interrupt her as she let her powers go yet I could not look away so I stood there in stunned silence as she built her palace.

I actually gaped at her work of art, I had never seen anything like it. After she finished I had to get answers so I raced back to Arendelle to find out what was going on. Once I was brought up to date I was prepared to intervene but the situation sorted itself out thanks to Her Majesty. I was immediately interested in the two sisters so I began to learn as much as I could about them and quickly fell in love with the two, platonically of course. The rest is history as they say.

M: What do you think of Anna’s reign so far, and the challenges she has faced?

S: As much as I love and respect our dear Elsa, I heartily agree with her choice. Anna was born to be a leader and Arendelle has blossomed under her reign. I am so terribly excited to see what happens in the coming years under her guidance. Words cannot express how proud I am of her, and of Elsa of course. It was her decision after all.

M: How was your experience working as Elsa’s biographer?

S: It was exhilarating. I had never written a biography before so I was anxious to get it right and I am extremely satisfied with how it turned out. It was also refreshing to go back and see just how far Elsa has come. She has suffered so much and yet she and Anna were able to rise above it and that is a story I feel everyone should hear.

M: Will you stay longer in Arendelle, or are you travelling frequently?

S: I know I mentioned earlier I love to travel and usually do not stay in one place very long, but I do make exceptions sometimes. Arendelle is a lovely country and it is going through a radical change that I would not miss for the worlds. Excuse me, I meant world.

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  2. A Traumatic Childhood
  3. Elsa Flees the Palace
  4. The Queen’s Exile
  5. An Emotional Reunion
  6. Hans’ Assault on the Ice Palace
  7. The Great Thaw
  8. The Act of Love

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