The Authorised Royal Biography: The Act of Love

Elsa looked outside her office window and smiled. Hundreds of her citizens were slowly making their way into the castle courtyard. Elsa had promised them a surprise as a thank you gift for accepting her as their queen and an apology for the… unexpected winter. Elsa was excited of course, but she was also anxious. While she was comfortable with herself and her powers, she was uncertain if her subjects felt the same way. She would have to convince them that her powers could do more than cause harm and that there were benefits with having the Snow Queen as their sovereign.

As Elsa began to consider changing the surprise to something smaller, she heard a familiar knock at the door. A knock she could finally answer. “Come in, Anna,” Elsa said with a smile.

Anna opened the door with a flourish and beamed at her big sister. “How do you do, Your Majesty?” she said with a childishly serious voice. She dipped into a teasing curtsey. Elsa could barely contain the burst of giggles coursing through her body as she gazed upon her sister with a blank face. “I was in the middle of doing important paperwork until I was so rudely interrupted.”

Anna looked at the paperless desk – on it was a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a plate of unfinished chocolates – and glared back at Elsa. “Hey! You said the leftovers from the party were all gone!”

Elsa folded her arms and smirked back at Anna. “Yes, all the leftovers for everyone besides the queen were gone. I never said there was not a separate supply for queens only.”

Anna picked up a piece of chocolate and slowly bit into it. Elsa leaned forward with an icy glint in her eyes. “You do understand that eating from the queen’s chocolate stash is high treason, under the penalty of death?”

Anna licked her fingers and grinned wickedly. “Worth it!” The two sisters stared at each other menacingly until Elsa let out the slightest chuckle. Anna responded with a loud snort. They could not take it anymore and started laughing hysterically. Elsa failed to keep herself composed and laughed like a young schoolgirl while Anna fell to the floor and pounded the floor furiously. They laughed for what felt like days until Elsa finally gained some semblance of control and moved over to help her sister up. As Elsa lifted her sister up she noticed the bright shine of tears in her sister’s eyes. She immediately felt concerned.

“Is everything all right?” she said anxiously.

Anna nodded as the tears began to flow in earnest. “I’m fine. Better than fine actually!” She lunged at her sister and gave her a tight hug as she began to sob uncontrollably. “I have my sister back! The gates are open! Olaf and Kristoff are the best friends a girl could ever have!” She looked back into her sister and wiped her nose with her sleeve. “Everything finally feels right with the world! I’m just so happy!”

Elsa could not hold back a few tears of her own as she hugged her sister even tighter. They had both lost so much and suffered traumas that most could never imagine. Yet despite all that, they were now finally happy. They had both learned valuable lessons and were ready to move on with their lives into a much brighter future. The two sisters just held each other tight, now that they finally could, until they heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” Elsa said as the two wiped their eyes.

Olaf burst into the room. “Hi, guys! Everyone waiting for the big surprise!” he said excitedly. Elsa looked at the clock. It was time. Elsa took a deep breath and started making her way down to the castle courtyard, with Anna and Olaf close behind. As she made her way through the castle halls, she noticed how her servants reacted to her presence. Some smiled warmly at her. Some treated her with the utmost solemn respect deserving of a queen. Some bowed slightly as soon as she entered the room.

While Elsa was touched by all of these gestures, there was one thing they all had in common that gave her the most joy. None of her servants were scared of her. She had shown the world and herself that she was not to be feared, and could be treated like a human instead of a monster. Elsa might have begun crying right then and there if she had not already done so with Anna.

By the time she made it to the palace courtyard all traces of doubt she felt earlier had melted away. She gazed out upon her citizens and smiled. “Are you ready?” she called out. Everyone in the courtyard began to clap and cheer. With a flourish, Elsa placed her foot on the ground. Ice swirled across the ground for people to skate on as Elsa froze the water fountains into elegant sculptures and filled the air with snowflakes. Every citizen began to skate with childlike excitement in this winter wonderland, just like Anna and Elsa did those many years ago.

Anna awkwardly slid over to Elsa and grabbed onto her for balance. “I like the open gates,” Anna said happily. “We are never closing them again,” Elsa said eagerly. With a wave of her hand, Elsa created some ice skates for Anna.

“Oh, Elsa! They’re beautiful but you know I don’t skate!” Anna protested.

“Come on!” Elsa grabbed her sister by the arms and pulled her out into the middle of the courtyard. Elsa and Anna had no idea what life would be like for them.

What hardships they could face or bitter memories they would have to leave behind. Yet it did not matter, for they had each other and that was all that mattered.

Well, here we are. I hope you have enjoyed this retelling of Elsa’s origin. This story means much to me and I hope my writings have helped you see why. I cannot thank Her Majesty enough for granting me this privilege. It has been a joy and a pleasure to write this story and it has been an experience I will never forget. Remember that despite how hard life is there is always hope. Believe in yourself and allow those that love you to help, ancd you can move mountains. No matter how hard it gets, you are never alone. There will always be those to help you if you seek them out.

 – Seeker

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