From Queen to Countess: A Letter from Anna

Dear Vi,

Was it too soon for me to joke about you being a vampire? You already have so many titles, inherited from your forebears who would have known my predecessors. Think of this as a new one bestowed by your queen. Let me have this. Vampire Vi, with her beautiful, mesmerizing red eyes and beguiling, frightening smirk.

Come on, you saw this coming from a mile away. We had a laugh about it when I was over at your castle for dinner, remember? Seriously, you dress like an elegant mistress of darkness and you live like one. You say that I wield my honesty and humour like weapons. Well, sometimes it’s all I have. And when I’m faced with an opponent like you, someone so implacably determined to win me over but is also fixated with taking away that which is most precious from me – I’m scared, Viola.

I’m angry on behalf of Elsa and frankly, I can’t wait to beat some sense into you. But I’m also sad, and scared for the both of us.

I’ve never met anyone like you in my life and it drives me crazy that we’re on a collision course with each other.

There’s so much I don’t know about you, but I bet you had a pretty unhappy childhood. It was probably even worse than mine, and that’s not okay. It’s not an observation I make with pleasure or schadenfreude at all. You mentioned that whenever a Mundilfari family head dies, it’s a free-for-all as to who succeeds them, right? That’s why you told me you killed your parents and siblings. Not just to become leader, but to survive.

I’m not judging your family’s traditions. But I suspect both of us needed much more love, more holding, when we were kids.

I prefer not to think about those long years I was shut in the palace grounds and away from Elsa. I never had any friends, didn’t go to school except learning under the royal tutor, and I was deprived of even seeing and holding the most precious person in the world to me.

The one you happen to want to destroy, Vi.

There’s a dark, hateful logic to your way of looking at the world. To survive imperial predations, become an empire. To protect society, entrench an elite aristocracy with absolute power. If an ancient family pact demands that you take the power of the five elements for yourself, along with the coveted prize of the whole Northuldra region, then you’ve got to do it, right?

This is strangely personal for me, as I told you over our dinner. You’re not a foreign political leader like Queen Victoria was. You’re not someone who just wants to take over Arendelle, like Hans. You want me under your wing, to make me strong. Part of me, to my horror, feels slightly curious about and attracted to that. Yet your goal is more frightening and evil to me than anything Hans or a foreign enemy could cook up.

What’s worse is that you truly feel that you must tear me away from Elsa and destroy her, before you and I can truly be reconciled.

You’re cruel. You’re really, really cruel.

Vi, it’s with a very heavy heart that I recognize you as my political archenemy, even as I want to see you again, to have more chances to talk and laugh with you over dinner, or even visit Keep Mundilfari again (your guest rooms are still super creepy, though). Your proxies in my parliament, in the Snow Herald newspaper, and in your puppet companies keep me busy every day. Whatever you throw at me, I’m going to throw it right back at you.

But this war between us is a legacy we’ve inherited. It comes from an ancient place of pain that you and I had nothing to do with. We can save each other from it.

You say you want to take me under your wing. Have you ever considered that I might want to take you under mine?

Yours in trepidation and hope,

17 thoughts on “From Queen to Countess: A Letter from Anna

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Ahem…please excuse me, but this is why I am so fond of you. Here you are facing your most dangerous enemy yet, and you feel nothing but pity for her. You do not wish to fight, you want nothing more than to become best friends. I sincerely hope that happens. Regardless if does though I am certain you will do always do the next right thing and will succeed in protecting Arendelle like you have three times now.

    You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life…

    Sincerely, Seeker

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    1. Thank you, Seeker! In my darker moments I do feel anger. But I feel something there’s something more here, I honestly do. Whatever I feel, my only goal is to protect Arendelle – all of you – with my life!



  2. Excellent article, Anna. Like I had said to you earlier, it may take that moment of brokenness to hopefully bring her to realization.

    Viola, I would never wish brokenness on anyone. If you come to that point, Anna is holding a candle of hope for you in this blinding darkness. She never gave up on Elsa, never gave up on herself when everything seemed lost, and if there’s a glimmer of hope, she won’t give up on you.

    I’d rather see you in her hope of being under her wing than under 6 feet of earth in a cold, dark grave, containing a young life wasted on this foolishness.


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    1. Thanks, Uncle Mike. You’re dang right about me – I never give up, even when my heart is, like, literally about to freeze (please don’t put me through that again, universe).

      But Viola’s different from Hans, so much more powerful. My reign is at risk of falling under her control. She wants to break me but I’m not looking to break her. Like with my grandfather, maybe we can save each other from a legacy neither of us chose.



      1. You reversed the family’s fortunes doing the next right thing in destroying that dam. It’s time Viola learns that before it’s too late.



      2. I know. Sometimes life can deal that blow harder. I just hope she does not concider harming herself. That would be heartbreaking tragic.


    1. William Tutore infirmed that this fight maybe far from over. Vi is still a threat with many dangerous allies. The road has many twists, mountains, ruts and dangers. If we stay the course and not lose hope, we’ll get to our destination

      As you’re still learning swords with Mattias, let us think and believe on this from The Scriptures;
      Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
      And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
      You shall condemn.
      This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
      And their righteousness is from Me,”
      Says the Lord.”

      Uncle Mike

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      1. Hi Uncle, please pass on my thanks to Master William. He’s absolutely right. I’m sure Vi is pretty peeved off with me now, and will double her efforts. But as you say, we’ll stand strong and hold the line. For Elsa, and for Arendelle.



  3. I will.

    2 things though that now trouble me.
    One; “You speak of hellfire, Master Michael. You’ll to see what I plan next.” Viola’s words

    And she contested our names for her! You “Vampire Vi,” me, “Countess Nutjob.”

    Maybe some divide and conquer plan?

    Uncle Mike

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    1. I kind of giggled at Countess Nutjob – I guess we can call her both, don’t you think? But I’d definitely think on that word, “hellfire.” Viola’s not one to casually use religious references. She definitely has something up her sleeve, and we need to be ready.



      1. Yup, Sisters who think alike! Elsa gave a giggle or two at “Countess Nutjob” too!

        I call’em as I see’em.


      2. Oh, Uncle, why must Countess Nutjob and Me carry the burdens of centuries of our families’ legacies? I discovered that when I realised I had to risk Arendelle’s destruction. Maybe Vi also found out for herself some time ago.



  4. I can’t say if she did, I do kerp telling her that she does have a choice. Keep following the path of the blood oath, potentially to her doom or end it now, join up with us for a new, brighter tomorrow.

    Actually, I believe when you destroyed Grandpa Runeard’s dam, saving Elsa again so she and Nokk could stop the flood and save Arendelle and Northuldra, you two actually dumped a ton of that burden and started to pave a new pathway to where we are, A new legacy. You chose wisely, risking all and saving two peoples. A brand new legacy was born!

    Unfortunately, you still have to reckon with Mundilfari leftovers. Viola is the one who REALLY has to deal with her legacy. You, Kristoff, Elsa, me and the rest can only do so much. VIOLA needs to choose whether or not to persue one or the other. And it’s Viola who will either benefit or suffer the consequences.


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