Michael of Arendelle, Uncle of the Queens

A recent encounter with a certain sadistic rival of Queen Anna’s has prompted me to move more visibly in Arendelle’s complex political world. With Anna’s blessing, I’d like to introduce myself to the kind patrons and readers of this great newspaper.

My name is Michael, and I own A&N Freightlines. A&N, of course, means “Arendelle & Northuldra.” A one wagon operation that has grown into several more, A&N operates along with the other wagons at Arendelle’s harbors, merchants, warehouses, and last mile haulers for Arendelle’s Railway operation from its stations.

I’ve also been like an Uncle to Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa for some time. I was friends with the late King Agnarr and Queen Iduna before… well, it goes like this.

Agnarr and I are loosely related by his mother, Ruth’s, side of the family. We were friends through his courtship with this strange girl, Iduna. I studied throughout and traveled some, worked as many odd jobs and learned a bit of everyday life. I was present at Agnarr’s and Iduna’s wedding. They were just smitten with each other! I became friends with Iduna as well. Talk about someone with a deep love. Agnarr couldn’t have done any better. Then sometime after they had Elsa, then Anna, a couple of years later. They loved those girls and so did I. I even sat with them when the King and Queen were busy.

When what I call “The Accident,” Elsa’s accidental freezing of Anna, happened, things changed at the palace. It was locked down. They only left certain people in. Iduna knew that the girls missed me, so I was one of the fortunate ones. It did not cool my disgust with Agnarr’s decision to separate the girls. Not. One. Bit. It broke and continued to break my heart seeing Elsa so scared and Anna not knowing why. I’ve even picked up little Elsa and held her a time or two when she was scared and everyone backed off.

Agnarr and I had a very loud disagreement about this. He called the guards to throw me out. I punched him right in the jaw, then told him; “Mark my words, one day, this pressure cooker called Elsa, that you’ve put on a roaring fire and bolted the lid shut on will explode, and we will all be sorry for your actions.” It really decimated me to leave like that.

I left. With the money I had stored up, i traveled to England, Canada and even to that newly formed country, the United States Of America. It was a great experience. I learned about the things that is making that country what it is (and for that matter, the catalyst that is spurring on Queen Anna’s reforms for Arendelle and Northuldra. I digress…) I drove freight wagon and worked for a bit on the new transportation wave, the Baltimore & Ohio railroad. Those first 11 to 13 miles from Baltimore to Ellicott’s Mills in the State of Maryland. I love travel and the outdoors. I tried office work. Not my style. The mountains of Pennsylvania was where I learned about moving freight and wagons.

When I got news of the King and Queen’s deaths, I couldn’t leave for Arendelle due to lack of funds. I did have a small booming freight business that, three years later, got me back to Arendelle, in time for Elsa’s coronation.

You all know the story. And I was there. There was a order to keep me out. Anna met me and let me in. She remembered me, telling me that Agnarr drew up the order to have me banished forever, but Iduna talked him out of signing it (I think she understood the pain in her household over the separation of Elsa and Anna and that my lashing out was from that frustration)! I reunited with Elsa on coronation night, during Anna’s time outside with Hans. Long story, short: after the Great Thaw and Anna’s knocking Hans into the fjord (sweet shot there, girl!), she and Elsa with Olaf, Kristoff and Sven came up from the docks and met me while I was coming down.

Elsa came up a bit closer and I just opened my arms. We hugged each other and we both wept as I said to her, “Welcome home, Elsa. Welcome home.” That was all that needed to be said. We embraced tightly, this difficult period behind us.

Now that Elsa has now found out and accepted who she is and is at peace with herself and Queen Anna also has found out her life’s work after the trip to Ahtohallan and Northuldra, I can say as proud as a peacock, I am so proud of my “nieces.” They have grown and matured like the most beautiful flowers on earth. I stayed in Arendelle and helped Elsa during her time as Queen and getting started on my business (Minister of Logistics) so I’m doing almost the same with Queen Anna. Honeymaren is an awesome friend to all of us. Together with Sir Alan, Seeker, Siegfried, General Mattias, Kristoff and Sven, Olaf, the peoples of Arendelle and Northuldra (and solid faith in God), these lands will be great again!

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