The Authorised Royal Biography: An Emotional Reunion

When Elsa heard a knock at the door she did not know what to think. Who could be here? How did they find her? What did they want? It did not matter. She would simply ignore them and if they did not leave she would frighten them away. She was the snow queen, and she wanted to be left alone. It was only when Elsa heard the intruder call her name that her heart stopped.

It was Anna! Anna was in the ice palace.

Elsa should have been scared. She should have been terrified that the one she feared harming most was here after she had just stopped concealing. Normally Elsa would have shut her sister out again…yet she could not. If she was going to spend the rest of her life in exile she had to see her sister one last time. She had to show her sister who she truly was. She had to say she was sorry. Elsa slowly walked from the top of the stairs and smiled warmly.

Anna was shocked. Her big sister was so different – but “a good different,” as she blurted out to Elsa. Everything Elsa had done, the dress, the palace, it was amazing. Elsa had never known what she was capable of and was more than proud to fill her sister with wonder again. The princess quickly apologized for what she said at the coronation party. If only she had known. Elsa insisted it was alright but suggested that Anna should go. She belonged down in Arendelle while she belonged up in the mountains, alone. Where she could be herself without hurting anybody. As Anna tried to explain what happened when Elsa left, someone else burst through the palace doors. It was Olaf!

Elsa was shocked. How was this possible? Olaf reminded Elsa that she built him when she let her powers go. Anna reminded Elsa that Olaf was the same snowman they built when they were kids. During a simpler time, and things could be like that again. Elsa wanted that. She wanted that terribly. But Elsa remembered what happened the last time they built Olaf. She had struck her sister. Her sister had almost died because of her. She was not in control then. How could she be in control now?

“Please don’t come any closer. Stay away, for your own sake.” Elsa refused her sister’s offer and bid her farewell. Anna called for her sister to wait but Elsa insisted that she was trying to protect her. Anna told Elsa that she did not have to protect her for she was not afraid. Anna finally understood what Elsa was so afraid of and promised they could head back to Arendelle together. Elsa no longer had to live in fear because Anna would always be there.

But Elsa pleaded with her sister to go back home. Anna had her entire life to live. Perhaps Elsa was alone, yes, but she was free: free from judgment by her own subjects, free from constraining her own powers, and of course, free from any nasty accidents like that from many years ago. Anna just had to stay away and all would be well.

“Actually, we’re not.” With that bashful but crucial bombshell, Anna hesitantly revealed that Elsa had buried Arendelle in the deepest snow. “You’ve set off and covered us in… an eternal winter,” Anna disclosed, almost afraid of telling her the truth. But it had to be said. Because she wanted Elsa to go back with her to unfreeze it.

Elsa could not believe it. She knew she was strong but how could she be that strong? It didn’t matter to Anna, but Elsa was adamant that she could not, she had no idea how.

Anna stood her ground and held on to hope that Elsa could do it. Elsa realized how much of a fool she was as snowflakes swirled around the room. How could she ever be free? Anna insisted that Elsa did not have to be afraid as the snowflakes grew into an actual storm inside the room. Anna refused to believe that Elsa could not reverse the storm she made but Elsa pleaded with her sister to stop, she would only make it work. The storm had become a blizzard as the fear consumed Elsa.

She begged Anna to leave but Anna was determined to stay by her side. The fear became too much for Elsa and the storm circled her into a blast of magic, before suddenly, in a horrific accident once more, striking her sister in the heart.

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