The Authorised Royal Biography: The Queen’s Exile

Elsa ran, harder than she ever had in her life. Her elegant heels clacked desperately along the icy surface of the frozen fjord. She ran away from her people, from her sister, from her failure. She had finally cracked. Despite her best efforts, she had failed. Her parents would have been so ashamed. After what seemed like an eternity, Elsa stopped running and began to walk. It did not matter where. Just as long as she was alone. Elsa felt numb and it was not from the cold. She did not know what to feel. She had felt nothing for thirteen years and now she felt every emotion hitting her at once. As she kept moving, Elsa found herself walking up the North Mountain. It seemed a fitting place for her to live out her exile.

Sadness overwhelmed Elsa. She took a moment to stop and gaze at her surroundings. The snow glowed a bright white… not a footprint to be seen. This mountain was a kingdom of isolation and Elsa was now its queen. The wind howled like the storm of her emotions inside. She could not keep it in, heaven knows she tried. What had her parents always told her to recite?

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see.” “Be the good girl you always have to be.”

“Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know.” Well, now they knew.

And if they knew, why bother hiding it? For the first time in her life, Elsa did the very thing she swore to never do. She took off her glove and let it go, her lips mouthing those words as she released it into the windy night. Swirls of snowflakes danced around her as she began unleashing her cryokinetic powers. Her true self was emerging. She built and sung life into a snowman in seconds, the same snowman she and Anna sculpted together.

She created waves of ice and snow that rippled across the mountainside, feeling more and more at home here and at ease with her immense power. She removed her restrictive cape. It corseted her, bound her. She was fed up with it.

The cold never bothered her anyway.

As she began sprinting up the mountain, heart pounding, Elsa laughed as she realized how some distance from Arendelle made the world seem small. And how The the fears that once controlled her could not get to her at all. Now she was free to explore what she could do, to test her limits, self-imposed or otherwise, and break through. As far as Elsa was concerned there was no right, no wrong here, no more rules for her. She was free.

She effortlessly created a bridge of ice to cross a chasm for nothing held her back now. She felt one with the wind and sky, and no one would ever see her cry again. Here she stood, as her authentic self, and here she would stay, where no one could harm her and she wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

Elsa rose into the air as she lifted her hands, unrestrained will and passion shaping into being a stunning palace made of ice.

My power flurries through the air into the ground.

Up, up, up: from a grand hall with crystal staircases and a snowflake-shaped chandelier.

My soul spirals in frozen fractals all around.

Her very thoughts crystallized like an icy blast:

I’m never going back, the past is in the past!

She flung her bun out, exulting in her freedom and solitude. With a few waves of her hands, her coronation dress was subsumed into an even more regal, exuberant gown of ice. Daybreak was arriving, the first rays of sunlight bathing the North Mountain in warmth and light.

I rise like the break of dawn.

As she walked out into the morning sunlight she decreed that the perfect girl everyone thought existed was gone, a mirage dispelled by her realization this morning. She stood in the light of day, the storm continuing to rage on inside her… for the cold never bothered her anyway.

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