The Authorised Royal Biography: Elsa Flees the Palace

Three years had passed since Agnarr and Iduna lost their lives at sea. Elsa had come of age and her people needed a queen. Despite her fear, grief, and isolation Elsa accepted her duty and devoted herself to ruling Arendelle wisely. She still never saw Anna, or hardly anyone, during this time. Nobody knew anything about Agnarr’s mysterious heir. The entire world anticipated her coronation with bated breath. Elsa’s coronation was a great affair. Every citizen of Arendelle could not wait to see the gates opened for the first time in years. Dignitaries and rulers from all over the world including The Duke of Weselton and the 13th Prince of the Southern Isles came to pay their respects to the youngest ruler in Arendelle’s history.

Anna was ecstatic that the gates were finally open for the first time in forever. Everyone was excited for the biggest day of Elsa’s life, except Elsa. Elsa was terrified of ruling of course, but she was more worried about the coronation itself. It required her to remove her gloves and stand before her people for about thirty seconds. That may seem trivial but for Elsa, it was a matter of life or death. Her control over her powers was debatable at best and her self-confidence was the lowest it had ever been. It was a miracle that she was crowned without incident. She had done it! For the first time in a very long time, Elsa felt hope. Perhaps things would work out after all. Perhaps it was not dangerous to dream. After the coronation, a party was held in honor of Elsa. As part of her introduction, she was paired with her sister.


Their first greeting in years was warm and friendly. They even managed to make some conversation and laugh together. But it did not last.

Elsa was adamant that she could not change the nature of their relationship without explaining herself. This broke her heart as well as Anna’s. Anna left in tears while Elsa could only watch. There was little time for grief though as Elsa was soon introduced to many different visiting royals and dignitaries. She was able to stay in control while still commanding their respect which Elsa thought was impossible. Things seemed to be going well, but that would soon change. Elsa had completely forgotten about Anna and was shocked to see her sister later that evening with a man in her arms asking for her blessing for their marriage. Elsa could not fathom why Anna would make such a foolish decision but Elsa had spent her entire life away from her sister to focus on her powers. She had no idea how lonely Anna was and how little she understood love.

On the other hand, Anna did not know why Elsa shut everyone out. Their disagreement grew into an argument and that argument grew into a fight. Elsa demanded that Anna’s fiance leave and commanded the gates to be closed. In desperation, Anna reached out for Elsa’s hand and pulled her glove off by mistake. Anna pleaded with her sister that she could not live this way anymore. The only option Elsa could give her was to leave. Anna angrily demanded what she did to Elsa. Why did Elsa shut everyone out? What was she so afraid of?

What happened next would mark the most infamous day in Arendelle’s history.

With a burst of anger, Elsa released her powers. Powerful icicles shot from the ground. They almost struck Anna and several others. Elsa’s worst fear had come true. Everyone saw her for the monster she was. In a panic, Elsa fleed the ballroom and made it to the palace courtyard. Throngs of people had gathered to honor their new queen but they only filled her with dread. She tried to escape but was cornered by them all.

The Duke of Weselton was close behind and demanded her imprisonment. Elsa tried to keep them away but released a blast of magic that knocked the duke off his feet. Everyone close to her backed away in fear, giving Elsa the chance to flee. She made it to the fjord before she heard Anna calling for her. Elsa tentatively stepped onto the water and it froze solid in an instant. Elsa sprinted across the fjord and escaped into the woods. Her secret was out, but nobody was hurt.

Now she was truly alone.

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