Crown and Government Announcement: “Elsa, Queen Emerita”

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With support and consent from the Great Assembly’s House of Ministers and House of Jarls, Queen Anna has conferred on Elsa the title of Queen Emerita.

As the title indicates, the government will acknowledge Elsa as an officially “retired” queen, who abdicated under extraordinary circumstances upon her self-discovery as the Fifth Spirit. Through this title, the royal court and Arendellian government legally recognize Elsa’s 3-year reign and her status as an abdicated monarch who didn’t leave her post because of death, illness, or dethronement.

Her Majesty told reporters of Arendelle’s three major papers at a press conference: “No one outside of Arendelle will probably recognize this title, and that’s fine. To all of us, she’s the Snow Queen. But I wanted to make it clear to our people – she’s still with us. Always.

“The whole kingdom knows that I’m my predecessor’s star pupil. Because I reflect her beauty, talent, kindness, and power.”


6 thoughts on “Crown and Government Announcement: “Elsa, Queen Emerita”

  1. I agree 100% ! They are inseparable and like I have always said, they’re 2 Queens I’d put up against a full house of Mundilfari jokers anyday of the week and twice on Sunday!


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