Letters from Elsa and Anna (II)

Featured image art by KC12003 (@1270555758), at: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79310528

“Look at how you throw yourself at any problem, at anything that you feel is causing your loved ones trouble. It’s part of your charm, what makes you so attractive to everyone – our people, your court, your government – and your proud, adoring big sister. Look at you, exhausted and covered in wounds and bruises. It’s time for me to take care of you.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“When we were kids, your love and example made me believe that every girl needs a guardian angel to watch over them. You filled that role for me, even when I didn’t realise you were there. Now we live apart, and my heart aches to be of help to you every day. Say whatever you want, Elsa.  I won’t be queen of Arendelle forever. One day someone might seize my crown, but I won’t ever let anyone usurp my crown as your loving protector.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa

Art by 関西ころすけ, at: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78586220


“Maren is amazing, I admit that now after some time living with her. Now that she has her own embassy and I work with her in the Great Assembly, I can see why you were drawn to her instantly. I honestly felt very safe, warm, and happy when she turned her attention to me. But please don’t forget – Maren’s gaze has always been turned on you, even when she sent you down here to me. Perhaps I’m misjudging things, but she must have been part of your decision to stay up there. And in my more selfish moments, I think to myself: I have just as much, no, more, to offer you.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa


“Do you think it wasn’t hard for me to send Maren to help you to govern, lovely queen? You don’t know how effortlessly you attract people. I sensed it then, I sense it now. You’re so devoted to me, my dearest, but you’re actually a fiery sun, and we gravitate around you.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“And I’m so grateful for that. Now, do I sense a hint of anxiety in your words? Would you like to come down right now, to check on Maren and me? Feel free to skip Maren – I’m amused by how many times you’re still surprised by how happy I am when you visit again. It’s almost as if you forget how I feel every time I get to see you.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa

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