Sustainable Trade with Northuldra: A Government Trade Initiative

Do you work in textiles, food, retail, manufacturing, or construction? Are you looking for a vote of confidence in your business, whatever your trade?

Join the Sustainable Trade with Northuldra Initiative and be part of Queen Anna’s grand experiment in statecraft while securing real help for your startup.

Pitch your idea to Kristoff for the chance to win 100,000 Arendellian kroner in startup capital from his company, Bjorgman House (known to the kingdom’s merchant community as the Princely House).

The Princely House will invest a total of 300,000 kroner in three small-to-medium sized firms that build their business model on this new initiative’s theme.

Northuldra and Arendelle will be economically dependent on each other in the decades to come, and Her Majesty believes it critical that companies large and small in the private sector work with the government to grow and prosper, while also helping Northuldra build critical infrastructure that will assist its tribes in standing eye to eye with other nation-states.

This initiative is done in consultation with Elsa, and supported by the Crown and The Arendelle Guardian.

3 thoughts on “Sustainable Trade with Northuldra: A Government Trade Initiative

  1. Perhaps Kristoff and Elsa could combine their talents. For once a year during the hottest summer period Elsa can create special blocks of ice with permafrost. Imagine it, ice that cannot melt. They would be sold exclusively by Kristoff’s company during the month of July. Of course it would be incredibly expensive and in limited supply since the Snow Queen is not a tool and magic is incredibly rare. Also we all know Elsa loves to create works of art with her magic. While the blocks of permanent ice are being sold to businessmen there could also be little trinkets, models, entire statues, or clothing made out of Elsa’s magic . They would only be sold to the wealthiest businessmen or high ranking members of monarchies.

    I hope this is helpful




    1. Hi, Seeker! Anna here. I think that’s a brilliant idea! Not only would Elsa have a lot of fun with that, but it would be a business idea with a lot of potential. I think Kristoff would love to invest in it.

      Your friend and servant,


  2. Your majesty you flatter me! It is my pleasure to be of service to the crown. I hope it goes well. Perhaps Queen Victoria would appreciate a special gift. A snowman maybe?



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