Northuldra-Arendelle: A Government Blueprint for the Two Realms’ Re-Integration

Featured art by the amazing Arute (@ast05water) 

Presented in the parliament of Arendelle’s Great Assembly by HM Queen Anna and Lady Honeymaren Nattura, Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations

1. This proposal, if passed by the House of Ministers, and then the House of Jarls, binds Northuldra and Arendelle towards obligations that will result in an orderly and mutually beneficial re-integration between the two regions. The three core principles agreed between Her Majesty and Lady Maren, representing Northuldra, are:

  • Partnership,
  • Equality, and:
  • Sovereignty for both regions.

2. This re-integration is a long-term initiative that may be accomplished during Queen Anna’s reign, or that of a distant successor’s.

3. Northuldra’s primary obligation is to quickly set up the necessary branches of government that will allow it to communicate with the family of nations, chief among them an executive, treasury, and foreign ministry. Arendelle will not interfere in Northuldra’s choice of government, whether it decides on monarchy, democracy, or republicanism. The span of time for Northuldra’s representatives to complete this can be negotiated with Queen Anna.

4. Arendelle’s obligation is to assist in Northuldra’s political reconfiguration, during which time its army and navy are to be deployed in the defence of Northuldra.

5. Arendelle will commit to fostering an active but sustainable and balanced economic relationship with Northuldra, in consultation with the tribes and peoples of the region. 

6. The kingdom has already fulfilled its promise to provide Northuldra with an influential lobby and voice in the Arendellian government, by appointing a Northuldran-born Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations (a post currently filled by Honeymaren).

7. The final goal is the reconstitution of both Northuldra and Arendelle as a legally united, sovereign territory called Northuldra-Arendelle.

8. In the distant future, there will be a need to ensure that a sustainable political entity exists for both region’s peoples. Queen Anna and Honeymaren propose that the physical territories of what are currently known as the Kingdom of Arendelle and Northuldra each be reorganised as “Geographically Autonomous Lands” (GAL), both of which remain independent but share one destiny and common interests. Legally, the two GALs of Northuldra-Arendelle will not constitute provincialism, federalism, or unionism. Each GAL will chart their own way, but with the assurance of each other’s protection and assistance. This proposed arrangement is geared towards maximising both sovereignty while binding both closer together.

9. This bold yet practical proposal offers to both Arendellian and Northuldran peoples a unique partnership that reflects the special relationship between sister-queens Anna and Elsa. Her Majesty and Maren urge that this bill be passed so that the government can move quickly on the work of serving the people.

Put forward in this session of parliament, on this day of our Lord, 1842.

Signed and sealed, HM Queen Anna

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