The Authorised Royal Biography: Mystic Beginnings

Little was known among neighbours about the mysterious traveller called Seeker, who had some time ago purchased a pleasant house on the hillside some distance from the port of Arendelle. One can’t blame them for erupting into excited gossip when a messenger from the palace knocked on his door, announcing his induction into Queen Anna’s Order of the Wheat Stalk – the highest honour given to a citizen of Arendelle and Anna’s personal chivalric order.

When pressed by the curious neighbours for an explanation, the messenger said that Seeker had landed a position of great trust, even vulnerability, from the perspective of the monarchy: to write an authorised biography about Anna’s sister and regal predecessor, Elsa. 

“The truth is the truth. Our parents violated Anna’s and my dignity. Sooner or later, we’ll have to face that alongside our very real longing for the same people. Yet there is great power in forgiveness, and I believe that if Anna and I can truly let go and forgive everything that happened, we’ll truly have conquered the palace’s darkness.” – Elsa

Elsa agreed and the two snuck into the great hall and proceeded to build this snowman. That cute snowman was the inspiration for Olaf, the beloved talking, living snowman who loves warm hugs. They played many other games, including one called Catch Me. Anna would jump into the air and Elsa would create a mound of snow to catch. Each time Anna jumped higher Elsa would create a mound bigger than the last. While Elsa’s magic was strong, it still had room to grow. It hadn’t reached maturity, and Elsa certainly hasn’t mastered it completely. It quickly became too much for Elsa to keep up her excited sister. In a panic, Elsa slipped on the ice just as Anna leapt into the air. Elsa desperately shot a blast of magic to cushion Anna’s fall, but instead struck her sister in the head. As Elsa called out for her parents in panic and self-doubt for the first time, frost covered the room and every structure make of snow broke apart. Her parents, King Agnar and Queen Iduna, were by their daughter’s sides in an instant.

The king knew of only one person that could help Anna now.

Here is a family secret that has only recently been revealed to the people of Arendelle, shortly before Elsa’s abdication. In the dead of night, Agnarr and Iduna, took their daughters and swiftly traveled by horse to the Valley of the Living Rocks. They met with Grand Pabbie, the wise and powerful leader of the rock trolls, and begged him to save Anna’s life. He agreed and also erased Anna’s memories of magic to help keep her safe until Elsa could learn to control her powers. Elsa learned an important lesson that day. Her powers would grow with her and, though beautiful, they were also dangerous. If she were to live a normal life without endangering herself or others, she had to learn to control them. Fear would be her enemy.

What Agnarr did next would change the course of Arendelle’s history forever. To keep his family and Arendelle safe from potential harm at Elsa’s hands, Agnarr locked the gates to hide Elsa from the world, including Anna. The ramifications and impact of this decision are still felt in Arendelle today and will likely be felt for decades to come.

What you are probably thinking is: what happened to Elsa and Anna? What was the remainder of their childhoods like?

Well that, is a story for another day.

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