Anna’s Column: For the Snow Queen’s Glory

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By HM Queen Anna

Her Majesty’s column is the pride of our newspaper. Her articles are published in both the morning and evening editions of The AG. 

What a few weeks it has been. I was staring out at the darkening sky from my balcony, my hand absentmindedly scrunching up the scrap of paper that Kai had delivered to me. It was a note from the chief, my editor. She’d seen Jarl Volker, and he had accepted my deal. Tomorrow, the Great Assembly’s ministerial majority, supported by Maren, will kill the anti-Northuldran influence bill. That bill was framed as a national security issue, one about foreign affairs. I had made my position clear in not just parliament, but in conversations with my ministers, my column in chief’s paper, and even public forums down at the Plaza: we were talking about this all wrong. Northuldra wasn’t a foreign realm to begin with.

That’s why I’ve sent a memo to all my officials: union with Northuldra should be framed as “re-integration.” If I can accomplish this during my reign, in my lifetime, I will consider my life’s work done.

It will be my ultimate gift to Elsa.

The door to my chamber opened, and I turned, my eyes falling on the Snow Queen’s radiant form. “Are you not cold, Your Majesty?” asked Elsa coolly. “It’s dusk.”

I stepped back from the balustrade, walking slowly towards her. “My good and faithful servant,” I said majestically, spreading my arms. “You got my letter from Gale, then. Your plan worked to perfection.”

Elsa curtsied dramatically. “I merely advised, you executed. All hail Queen Anna,” she said.

We stared at each other for several seconds, waiting for the other to crack, before bursting into hysterics, unable to keep it up anymore.

“Ew, it sounds so gross coming from you!” I howled in mirth, dancing away.

“You think I’m corny?” chortled Elsa teasingly, rising. “What did you write, queen of mush? Oh, yes – ” She opened my letter, which she’d been hiding in her fist. “‘I executed your strategy just as planned. Now hurry over and tell me how proud you are of me,'” she quoted me in a sing-song voice. “Oh, and a big love heart, without even your name.”

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I let out a childish squeal and tried to grab the paper, arms outreached. “Quiet, you! If Kristoff finds out how doe-eyed I am with you, I’ll never hear the end of it – ” My shoe caught my dark green dress, and I slipped, tumbling down. I raised my hands instinctively, only to fall into a pile of soft and comforting snow. I rolled over on my back, bawling in delight, as Elsa looked over me, her pale golden hair tickling my face.

“Hey,” she said, slight concern mingling with her laughter, “Are you okay?”

I panted for a while, staring up into her magical eyes, before replying, “Now who’s saving who?” and getting back up. “I’m just… so happy that Volker and his crowd have backed off for now. They know the way the political winds are blowing. It’ll take them months to try another push against me, now that Maren is here.”

Maren’s charm, intelligence, and adaptability made her a favourite among my more supportive ministers. When I met with Queen Victoria, Maren directed a coordinated vote to quash the anti-Northuldran bill, which fewer and fewer ministers and jarls were willing to attach their name to.

Jarl Volker’s “Runeardist” faction will need a long time to regain their credibility before they try to pull something like this again. Even better: this whole episode showed the public that there was openness for the idea of re-integration in the Arendellian halls of power (at least among the majority who support me).

“Can you believe it?” I huffed, turning away and staring at the sunset sky. “A minister asked me whether I thought I’d surpass you. I tersely asked what he meant, and he didn’t take the hint. He was talking about all my big plans and trying to flatter me, saying how my ambition and scope will outdo your reign – as if you had nothing to do with my ideas. Please,” I muttered, anger rising in my chest just at the thought. “We spent entire nights talking about what I’d do, together. My skin is in this game because of you.”

Elsa’s gaze was steady and loving. “A good and true mentor fantasises every day about being surpassed by her successor.”

I stared at her. “I want to surpass what our grandfather and father stood for, that’s true. But that’s because I have moral and political reasons for building something new in their place. Please, Elsa, with you I’d never dare – ”

“I want you to outdo me, Anna. The more you do, the prouder I’ll be of you.” My sister drew closer, taking my hands in hers. “You’re so silly,” she sighed, her touch tender and her eyes shining. Her forehead touched mine, her breath of rime cooling my face. “I love you so much. You think so often of others’ needs, that you never notice how much everyone else is rooting for you to succeed.”

“I want the whole kingdom to know that I’m your star pupil, your most devoted,” I whispered, my voice burning with passion. “Everything I do… everything I am… reflects your glory.”

Elsa smiled. “Then we’re agreed. We do this together,” she said, invoking what we promised each other many times in the past. My heart was jubilant that early evening, because with Elsa’s approval, I’m not afraid of the future. I’m not owed success, but should I fail, I’ll know I’ve still made Elsa proud.

In a crazy, ironic way, my enemies were right. I am Elsa’s instrument.

Signing off, your friend and servant.

Love, Anna

7 thoughts on “Anna’s Column: For the Snow Queen’s Glory

  1. I am so glad you are your sister are happy together despite everything that has happened your majesty. I cannot wait to see what you two do together. Your parents would be so very proud of you. Here’s to doing the next right thing.



  2. Dear Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa;

    This goes out to you both. YM, Queen Anna. What those ministers said about you being Elsa’s “instrument” is where I disagree. Instrument sounds alomost like “puppet” where Elsa pulls your strings. Please excuse my saying so, I don’t buy that for one damn minute! You and Elsa are very smart, very sharp ladies who make one helluva team. And Elsa is not doing this for her own selfish vainglory. She wants you to succeed in this and other future plans for Arendelle and Northuldra. You’re learning fast and doing great!
    YM Snow Queen Elsa, you’ve got a very smart, intelligent pupil there in your little sister. Anna is a geeat people person while you advise and do what needs done behind the scenes. I’m proud of both of you.

    It’s Friday. So I guess charades night? Or just chillin with sis? Change it up and get out the cards! Gin Rummy, maybe some 5 card stud for chips…
    One more thing. Speaking of poker, I’ve said this before and I believe in my heart. You are two Queens I’d put up against any full house of Runeard-era jokers!


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    1. Dear Mike,

      Exactly – tell those fellas! I’ve been often seen as an extension of my sister, as someone particularly susceptible to her influence. It’s never bothered me, but it does make some people misunderstand how I work. I guess they just look at my love and affection for Elsa and forget that we’re partners. What I do is both of my own free will – always – but also with my sister’s blessing.

      Together, and with the support of our great citizenry like you, we *will* reform Grandfather’s mistakes and build something better, with everyone in mind.

      Elsa is visiting tonight and in the drawing room with Kristoff – and I gotta admit, charades is getting boring, especially since Maren and I thrashed Kristoff and Olaf for several nights straight… but now Maren’s moved out and I want to play something more exciting, something that Elsa might have more fun with too. I like your idea – I’ll ask Kristoff about playing cards (I’d better win this)!

      I know she’ll be so happy to hear your encouragement too, which I’ll pass on.

      Your friend and servant,


    1. Hello, Mike,

      I’m sorry it took some coaxing from Anna and chief to come out of hiding, but I was feeling so embarrassed by the praise Anna was heaping on me that I told her that this kind of doting is what got her in trouble with her government in the first place.

      I’ve been trying to get better at the games she’s proposing but I’m almost starting to think I’d rather go back to making snowmen with her. When Maren and Anna set their minds to something, whether it’s cards or charades, they go for it. I’m no match for them.



  3. Hi Elsa,
    No problem. She’s just saying how proud she is of you and for what you’re doing to help her. And with Anna being Anna, yeah, it can be a little overwhelming. Take it in stride and relax. Sometimes I can be like her and gush all over the place! But you know what? It’s because we love you and appriciate you!

    I did also mention to her that Friday didn’t have to be game night. Either one of you could’ve had a long week, so some down time is good too! Chill with sis, Kristoff, etc., doing a little sitting out on the balcony on a nice starry night with libations and just talkin’ about the week’s happenings, that’s good too! I’ll send you a bit of fanart via The Chief. The Artist, Amy Mebberson might think that you could put that “conceal, don’t reveal” to some poker…!



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