From the Editor’s Desk: Watch These Women

As I share this editorial with you, I’m sure that you know we are on the verge of the grand state ball thrown by Her Majesty in honour of Queen Victoria, who at this very moment is being shown around the kingdom and will later travel to the North Mountain with Anna.

Dear reader, If you’re in Arendelle at the moment, I’d encourage you to stop by the docksides. Royal consort Kristoff is steering an impressive fête showcasing the best of Arendellian produce like salmon and herbs, as well as our country’s burgeoning heavy industry, like tracks and steel for our railroads. Victoria’s aides have tactfully chosen to showcase less of the East India Company’s wares, and more from purveyors of Anna’s favourite things: chocolate, candy, and other delectable delights sourced across the British Isles and across their vast empire.

I’m sure Anna is biting her tongue at times, given her anti-colonial instincts, but for now, Arendelle’s rise on to the world stage is being facilitated nicely by Victoria. I was one of the first to teach Anna that the road to power is a negotiated one, full of compromises and second choices.

You can expect the press – specifically, our kingdom’s three big papers, including that of yours truly – will have reporters working round the clock just exulting in the absolute glory everyone is enjoying, from common citizens to Queens Anna and Victoria themselves. On this occasion, there are no enemies here.

I’ve influenced public opinion in this kingdom for a long time. I’m old enough to be Anna’s mother. As someone of Iduna’s generation, my sense of time is quite different to the sister-queens’. Yet the past few years have felt so exhilarating, something truly special. I am in awe at how much the Diarchy has achieved together, and at how they seem to make everyone in their orbit better people as well. The struggles they’ve had to go through together must have made some difference in how they view the world, in how they understand human vulnerabilities.

I must praise Her Majesty in particular here. Dealing with separation from Elsa, coming close to death for her frozen heart, betrayal and humiliation by Hans, and risking everything to correct her grandfather’s wrong? Weaker women and men would have succumbed to resentment, bitterness, and hatred long ago if they were subject to the trials she endured. Yet at each stage, she consistently learns, grows stronger regardless of success or failure, and becomes an even greater source of support for her people and loved ones, especially Elsa. What an amazing woman.

Speaking of amazing women: it’s my pleasure to announce a new guest column from Her Majesty’s new top diplomat and right hand. Northuldra Nights with Maren is penned by the new Head Liaison for Northuldra-Arendelle Relations. Maren’s unique position as a bridge between her tribe and the Arendellian government make her the queen’s de facto foreign secretary and also Northuldra’s de facto ambassador. With her base, the Northuldran embassy, now established in the kingdom, her perspective will enrich the coverage and networks of my newspaper immensely. Her charisma, love for her people, and personal affection for Anna are unquestioned and her talents considerable, despite having been isolated from the wider world for so long. Her column, which will educate us all about the culture and hopes of Northuldra’s people, is a worthy addition to Her Majesty’s royal column and Elsa’s guest column.

With these three writing for me exclusively, you don’t want to miss out on a single edition of The Arendelle Guardian, morning or night.

I’ll say it again: keep an eye on these women. They’re going to make the world shake.

– Chief

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