Letters to the Editor: On the Anti-Northuldran Bill

To the Chief, Queen Anna and her sister, the Snow Queen Elsa, and the citizens of Arendelle:

From reading this morning’s edition of The Arendelle Guardian, I am pleased to hear that Her Majesty Queen Anna is garnering support amongst the Ministers in Parliament to have this embarrassment of a bill – “anti-Northuldran influence” legislation – killed off and put where it deserves and needs to be, taken out with the night’s garbage (or strike a match to it!).

What gives these narrow-minded ministers the right to tell Queen Anna whether or not she can have her own flesh-and-blood sister in their own home? They’ve suffered enough forced separation as children, they have grown up into two very fine, loving, caring adults to make that decision on their own.

There are those in Parliament who are still stuck in the times of King Runeard in their thinking that anyone from Northuldra is never to be trusted or still in fear of what they don’t know, but are comfortable to fillow the nay sayers. Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa are the children of King Agnarr of Arendelle and Queen Iduna of Northuldra, the best of both nations! During her reign, Elsa has never caused anyone to question her, even as she was still coping and learning to control her powers with that of the power of love. Love for Anna, her family and Arendelle, and now Northuldra as she has abdicated to take on that role to keep our two nations safe. Anna was a helping hand to Elsa and anyone in Arendelle during that time, and with her leadership and big sister’s mentoring her into this new role as Queen of Arendelle, she will make Arendelle great!

Question: Do these ministers who not only endowed with dim wits and impervious to reason, have terminal amnesia as well? Who can forget that day during The Great Thaw, when we saw Elsa, weeping bitter, bitter tears while clutching to her frozen sister, Anna, who gave the remainder of her quickly waning life to save Elsa from the assassin Hans’ blade. Thanks to The Great Spirit and love, Anna came back and received a second chance for both of them to grow and love together.

And are their memories that short? When just recently, Anna sacrificed everything she held dear to destroy the dam King Runeard built as a weapon of war against the Northuldrans, which caused the mist to enclose them and then-Lieutenant (now General) Mattias’s remaining force for 34 years. And Elsa risked her very own life in Ahtohallan to get the dark truth about Runeard and come back and stop a flood wave from wiping out Arendelle as the whole population watched from cliffside, then cheered her as she rode off to meet Anna and let her know that she was alive and Arendelle was safe. Their bond and their love for one another is as strong as the strongest known steel, and have pledged to do what needs done together. We owe them a debt of gratitude we could never repay.

In conclusion, this bill needs to be utterly and crushingly defeated and to let Queen Anna, Elsa and their family live in peace and harmony. And let Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa be what they are meant to be. The bridge between Arendelle and Northuldra.

May The Great Spirit, Jehovah, bless Anna, Elsa and both lands.

Mike K.

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