Anna’s Column: The United Kingdom is Coming to Our Own

By HM Queen Anna

Her Majesty’s personal column is published every day in The AG and is her largest platform for reaching citizens to share her perspectives, feelings, and plans.

You may have read the news in this morning’s edition of chief’s paper, but I have decided to host the British Queen in Arendelle next month.

I will have General Mattias and the entire Arendellian fleet fire a full cannon salute as Victoria’s flagship meets mine, Autumn Cloud.

Kristoff will organise the first Anglo-Arendellian trade fair in the Plaza, with a food and drink fete by the docksides for our British friends and Arendellians alike. It will be a perfect day for a family outing.

And finally, aside from my own meeting with Victoria, the palace will host a grand evening gala for the delegation and our kingdom’s political, civic, and cultural representatives. I might see you there, if you’re on the invite list – we’ve kept it as open as possible.

Everything needs to be perfect.

I’ve been thinking back to my 18th birthday, the first gala I attended in which I had any real idea of what was going on. I was such a naive girl and, if I were honest, desperately unhappy. So lonely and starved of warmth and contact I was that I became vulnerable to Hans’ predations. I was willing to accept his proposal immediately before I had even any idea of who he was. Of who I was!

And what happened that night, with Elsa…

Thank the spirits for Kristoff. Thank the spirits that I learned a few hard lessons, painful though they were.

When the Brits come, I won’t be the silly princess from my 18th (okay, maybe still a bit silly).

When Queen Victoria herself attends my ball in a few weeks, I’ll be the organiser. I’ll be setting the agenda.

Of course, I’m also full of questions and uncertainties, which I’ve never been shy of sharing with you in my column. I mean, we’re talking about Great Britain. Yes, the gossip in the press and foreign governments is that I’m helping Arendelle punch above its weight. I guess people have been talking about how I faced off against the East India Company.

But we are no empire. We aren’t a militaristic, expansionist, imperial country. Britain is, and for that it has a quarter of the globe under its command. My meeting with Victoria will inevitably be a clash of wills: between mine and hers. I have my own insecurities about that.

But I know my kingdom stands with me. Mattias stands with me. Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff do. Elsa always will.

If you stand with me, too, then I know I can do this.

Signing off in excitement, your friend and servant.


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