Anna, to Victoria (I)

To Your Majesty Queen Victoria,

I should have felt angry when I read what you wrote to me. Your words were the perfect blend of condescension and flippant arrogance. Is this typical of the queens and kings of Albion? You spoke as if I had no choice in the matter of meeting you, despite what was clearly a diplomatic victory for me against Lord Palmerston. What if, perchance, I refused? After all, it is you who suggested this.

I don’t really care if you find me fascinating, just because I gave the East India Company the shellacking it deserved. They attacked private civilian ships from my country. Did your foreign secretary really expect me not to pressure him to punish these pirates-masquerading-as-businessmen? After all, Lord Palmerston assured me that they were not representative of your empire’s military, and therefore their attack did not mean a declaration of war on Arendelle. So who else was supposed to eat humble pie? Surely not you.

I’m not naive: you are queen of many colonies, and your imperial navy is huge. I think I demonstrated to your foreign secretary that my quarrel was never with your great country. But, as you can see, I was not afraid to take on the fearsome EIC. I appreciate the fact that apart from your weird sense of entitlement, you did recognize me as someone who will not simply bow my head before a sovereign with a superior military. My instinct tells me that you have an acutely sharp mind and share my ambition and spirit.

If we are to meet at the highest level, of sovereign to sovereign, my much smaller kingdom will engage with your vast empire the same way as your presumed peers like France or Prussia: as equals. Can you accept that?

If you can, then I will roll out the red carpet for you. Despite our differences – and they are great – I am ready to take the leap with you and host you in the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Make the arrangements with your advisors, and let’s set the date. You will receive a royal welcome from myself and my senior ministers.

You are a formidable young lady, Alexandrine Victoria. I must admit that it’s surreal that you’re three years younger than me. Let’s see if we can make history together.

In my heart of hearts, I cannot ignore this excited fluttering in my chest. I wish to see you too.


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