Elsa’s Guest Column: What I Miss About Arendelle

By Elsa

The Snow Queen’s column is published whenever she visits The AG’s newsroom. This piece was published in yesterday’s morning edition of the paper. 

“Do I really like living in the wild?”

“Can I get used to being outdoors all the time?

“Doesn’t it get boring, hanging around with animals and spirits?”

These are just some of the well-meaning, good-hearted questions I get when I visit Arendelle on the weekends. Anna says that many Arendellians miss me, and that is very kind of them if they do. If being the monarch of our kingdom was my true place in this world, I would have gladly stayed and taken on all its pressures. It wasn’t simply because I couldn’t take it. Plenty of sovereigns and leaders face backbreaking burdens. That wouldn’t be a sufficient reason to abdicate and pass on the throne to Anna.

Rather, the throne quite literally was not for me. My place as Snow Queen was elsewhere, up north with the tribes of Yelena, and with Bruni and Gale and the others.

So, to be as honest to the readers of this newspaper as possible: there isn’t much I miss about being ruler of Arendelle. What I do miss are certain… sights. Sounds. Smells.

I miss the warm smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, and sitting down with Anna to discuss affairs of the day (if she was awake in time for breakfast).

I miss the silky softness of my blankets in my bedroom (can someone let me know if Olaf has moved into there?). I’ve always been sensitive to touch, and I recognize things by how they feel against my skin.

I miss Olaf’s goofiness, and how he made me laugh whenever I was stressed or exhausted from my duties.

I miss picking clothes with Anna for her dates with Kristoff. And I miss being Kristoff’s agony aunt, lending him my ear and advice whenever he was feeling nervous about his relationship with Anna, or whenever she got huffy at him and he didn’t know why.

Do you know what I don’t miss? Being looked at with suspicion or fear, even hatred. Of course, that hasn’t happened in a while, not since the Great Thawing. In my current situation, I couldn’t care if people feared me, anyway. I have nothing to despise myself.

What does flabbergast me is now that I’m Northuldra’s spirit guardian, a bill is being debated in the Great Assembly to restrict foreign and Northuldran influence in government and at court. Part of this bill may be to restrict or deny me visiting rights to the castle. For as I am no longer Arendelle’s monarch, I’m of “Northuldran influence,” a foreign agent who should not have such intimate access to the Queen – I mean, my own sister – and her decision-making.

I know that I’m writing this piece as part of my editor’s plan to rally public opinion and persuade parliament to rework the bill so that it doesn’t affect me, or trash it altogether. I appreciate what chief is trying to do, and I know that she’s in touch with Anna to make all these moves against ministers who don’t like me. And there are plenty of other officials who do support me. They and Anna are doing everything they can to vote down the bill.

But my heart grows weary, and I sometimes want to say to Anna, “Stuff it! You and Kristoff, come live in Northuldra with me!”

I’ve stopped caring about what other people think – and if they think me a bad influence on Anna, how could I change all of their minds?

But pay me no heed, dear reader. I’m like this when I let me mind wander into darker places. When Anna, or Kristoff, or chief pull me out of those dark corners, I feel a bit better and am reminded of the Arendelle Her Majesty and I promised to build: together.

Arendelle is as much my home as it was when I was queen. So I miss every bit of it. So there!

Signing off, the Snow Queen

6 thoughts on “Elsa’s Guest Column: What I Miss About Arendelle

  1. Elsa, first off, amazing article, very properly worded and insightful. Also, your transition from talking about what you miss, to what you don’t, to the current bill supposedly up for debate, and that thereafter, was spot on perfect. You’re right, the fact that there are people who don’t want you and Northuldra working with Anna, your own sister, THE QUEEN, like, for Ahtohollan’s sake, what the hell are these people thinking! Once I heard about this, I felt the need to write my op-ed (which I hope you got to read, I quoted you from the beginning of your previous column). The slander is unnecessary and downright ridiculous, and like you and Anna, I am absolutely sick and tired of it. The only people who can break the bond you two have is yourselves, and I’m pretty sure that will not happen anytime soon.
    I don’t think its you specifically that these oldheads take issue with, I mean, they do, but I think they also have a problem with Northuldra, which is brought upon by the ideologies instilled by Reunard regime, and the events that occurred in the forest leading to his demise. This kind of thinking needs to be eradicated altogether.
    I will never waiver in my support for you, Elsa. You’ll always be the Queen of my heart. For you and Anna and Arendelle and Northuldra, I will not back down from a challenge against you. You deserve to be able to work together, I won’t let anyone take away that right.

    Your friend,

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    1. Dear Alan, thank you for writing such a passionate and persuasive op-ed in the paper. My heart soared when I read it. I’m sure your words will persuade others to at least consider Anna’s position with me. There are many citizens like you, as well as officials and ministers, who are open-minded toward Northuldra. You won’t believe some of things I heard my grandfather say about Northuldrans when I was in the depths of Ahtohallan. I agree with you: his way of thinking is not for the Arendelle of today.

      I’m glad I made my own case clearly. I’m so much more comfortable with who I am now, but every now and then I just shake my head and wonder if it’s me that’s the problem. Such is the scale of suspicion aimed at my work with Anna – it feels even harder than when I was queen. Perhaps it’s because Anna is really challenging the status quo and shaking things up. Do you think that might be one reason?

      Thank you for defending Anna and me. It’s been a long time since I felt like a knight was protecting me.

      Love, the Snow Queen

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      1. Dear Elsa, first of all, you’re not the problem, Anna is not the problem, Northuldra is not the problem, not at all. The problem is Reunard’s old and baseless ideologies combined with today’s ignorance among those who still believe in him. Its time they learned to change their thinking or step aside.

        I’m glad to hear you liked my article, it was something I had to get off my chest. I hope my words do persuade others, although I am young, many have told me that I am knowledgeable beyond my years when it comes to how I carry myself and such, and I take that to heart, because that’s the kind of person I want to be, a shining light like you and Anna.

        You deserve to be comfortable with who you are, same with Anna. Like I said, its not you or her or Northuldra that is the problem; ignorance is the problem. Closed-minded people are the problem. You’re right, Anna is challenging the status quo, because she NEEDS to, its the only way to make change, you can’t be stagnant. I’m glad and honored to be able to defend you and Anna, and I will continue to do so.

        With love, and hope, Alan


  2. Dear Elsa;
    This is a splendid article that gives the reader a little window into how you are adjusting to life in Northuldra from living in a castle in Arendelle to living with Yelena, Ryder, and Honeymaren in the woods as you take on being the 5th spirit and protector of both kingdoms. When you go home on weekends to see Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, then those things you miss are still there to stir up some happy memories. I think you may have forgot one thing from there you might miss a little. Chocolate! 😊

    Can I tell you something? I think the number of people who fear you are less than you think. During The Great Thaw, the people didn’t see a monster or a witch. They saw a young lady, hurting and completely heartbroken over Anna’s passing, then the relief you felt when she came back from the dead. They saw a lady, a Snow Queen who has a lot of love in her heart for people around her, no matter where you are. I think you’ve got more behind you than you think. I know I am!

    One more thing. The bill forced before the Parliament is a bunch of Bull, nokk and reindeer shishkabob! (Nice way of saying SH*T) My message to them is this; “You have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSNIESS in saying if Elsa can visit her family or not! She is still part of the Royal Family, and has EVERY RIGHT to see her sister, brother-in-law, Sven, Olaf, and ANY future nephew(s) and/or niece(s). NO LAW and NO PARLIAMENTARY ACTION CAN SAY OTHERWISE! My apologies for the bold writing. This angers me to no end, knowing what you and your beloved sister went through.

    Love and God bless

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    1. My dear Mike, what I wouldn’t give for a decent slab of Arendellian chocolate right now!

      Thank you very much for your important reminder. Anna says the same thing as well: she has strong support base in the Great Assembly, despite the minority that was always going to vote against Anna’s ministers anyway. I also think the public can make up their own minds about me, and I’m thankful that most of them share your views: that I not only mean no harm, but I love my people (Arendelle will always be my home as well). Indeed, Anna has suffered enough people turning on her. I wish I wasn’t the source of her troubles.

      I’m glad you and so many others are making the case throughout Arendelle, in the plaza, in the bars and restaurants, and elsewhere: that my presence in the palace does *not* constitute Northuldran interference in Arendellian affairs. If some have a problem with this already, imagine how they’ll react when Anna and Honeymaren move to really integrate Northuldra with Arendelle! Yet this is the path forward for both realms: to face the future, together.

      Yours, the Snow Queen


  3. Thank you for your reply!

    I can plainly say that you are not the source of Anna’s problems! The blame is squarely on those nincompoop bull headed ministers who are still locked into the past and Runeard’s misguided policies. On a personal note, I’ve dealt with the same issues with depression and anxiety in my 53 years of life on this earth, and take blame for things that are not really my fault or are beyond my control. You were Kristoff’s “agony aunt,” mind if I can be the “agony uncle?” 😊 Seriously, You’re the one I can relate to because we’ve gone down the same road of anxiety and so forth. I remember how when you came down with a bad cold when you had Anna’s birthday party and blamed your self for ruining it. If I was there with you two! I’d back up Anna saying that it wasn’t your fault, and that a cold is like the uninvited guest, who barges in, eats all of your food, drinks up all your drinks, loads up the commodes and stays WAAAAAAYYYYYYY after the welcome is worn out. 😆

    Here’s something to ponder on and pray if you ever feel this way again. It’s called “The Serenity Prayer;”

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    and Wisdom to know the difference.”

    If you yourself or Anna need someone a little older and has a few more years of living on this old world for some advice, don’t hesitate to write.

    Mike K.

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