Stop the Slander Against Elsa!

By Alan (@Arenalan)

Alan Nadeau III is one of Arendelle’s citizens, a member of the Order of the Wheat Stalk, and a staunch supporter of Elsa and Anna and others involved with Arendelle, including aligned kingdoms. This is his opinion on the slander being directed towards Elsa and Northuldra’s influence on Anna and Arendelle.

“For too long my sister has borne the brunt of criticism for my frequent presence in Arendelle. It would seem to me that since my transformation, I’ve been looked at with slightly more suspicious eyes in some quarters of government and the press – in particular, those who long for a return of our grandfather’s era, when Northuldra wasn’t so… close to home.” – Queen Elsa, in “Elsa’s Guest Column: Northuldra Joins the Family of Nations”

This is a quote from the Snow Queen, the Fifth Spirit herself, from the opening paragraph of her recent column in The Arendelle Guardian.

“I think the owner and the reporters of this newspaper have grown so hyper-partisan, so fanatical in their devotion to the queen, that they’ve done a lot of damage to the credibility of the kingdom’s Great Assembly. Not everyone has to agree with Her Majesty, and it’s certainly not in The Arendelle Guardian’s business to manipulate the public in her favour. I think your team is doing journalism a disservice.” – Georg, retired

This quote comes from someone via another newspaper, rivals to The Arendelle Guardian. What do these have in common? They both address the same thing: slander. Specifically, the slander being thrown at Elsa and Anna. I’m not going to sugarcoat it; the slander is unnecessary. Quite frankly, it’s a travesty to see people so adamant about this, that people within Anna’s own Assembly want Elsa and Northuldra to not be involved with Arendelle by any means.

First off, you can’t break the bond Anna and Elsa have, because they have fought so hard to get build that bond in just a few short years, making up for lost time from their youth. They deserve to work together, even if they aren’t living in the same place, because of the relationship they have as sisters and the bond they have overall. To those who are spreading this slander, you need to stop. You’re making Anna’s job as the Queen much harder than it needs to be, and you’re putting Elsa through a lot of hell, something she’s been put through for a long time and should not have to go through anymore. Both are happy with where they are in life and both are happy with the other. Besides, Elsa does have all those years of knowledge and learning for how to rule the kingdom, so she can help Anna immensely when it comes to Arendelle’s affairs, passing on that knowledge.

At this point, common sense would say that anyone, anyone, who is in the Assembly and slanders Elsa, Anna, Northuldra, and so on: you need to retire immediately. Not to make assumptions here, but to me, a lot of people in the Assembly have been there for a long, long time. Being in that sort of power should not be a lifetime thing, and if you’re still believing old ideologies, ones so outdated that you conceived back when that piece of (deleted by the editor) Runeard was in power, that tells me that you’re due to go.

Let new people come in and provide actual constructive criticism for the Queen and otherwise, please. To Queen Anna, Snow Queen Elsa, the Northuldrans, and otherwise, you guys deserve all the love in the world, and none of this hate getting spewed at you. You deserve so much better, and I will be here to make sure that anyone and everyone who decides to go against you is met with a staunch defense from me. I want you guys to know that.

Thanks for reading, this is my first article and I can’t wait to write more in the future.


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