Elsa’s Guest Column: Northuldra Joins the Family of Nations

Elsa the Snow Queen pens guest articles when she has time to drop by The AG’s newsroom. This was printed in yesterday’s evening edition.

By Elsa

I’d like to use this column that the chief has granted me to be truly transparent. For too long my sister has borne the brunt of criticism for my frequent presence in Arendelle. It would seem to me that since my transformation, I’ve been looked at with slightly more suspicious eyes in some quarters of government and the press – in particular, those who long for a return of our grandfather’s era, when Northuldra wasn’t so… close to home.

For such ministers, lords, and courtiers, my advice, which I freely and frequently give to Anna, is not welcome. Northuldra remains “the Other” to them. Ironically, I have always felt like “the Other,” even to my own family, to my father. For him, magic was the Other to be shunned. To be concealed and not felt.

I hope to use this column space to reflect what I talk to Anna about on the weekends, when she seeks my counsel on policy. I don’t want there to be any ambiguity, or cause for suspicion. Let me be open about what Anna and I share so that the public can decide for themselves whether Her Majesty’s decisions are reasonable.

Anna and I agree that the future of Arendelle must be a shared one with Northuldra. It is what the spirits intended with our parents, and then with us. As a Diarchy of mixed ethnicity, my sister and me embody a union of Northuldra and Arendelle. We also know that the human activities of Arendelle affect the spirit world, and vice versa. It’s therefore the destiny of humanity and the spirits to come together, with both protecting each other. Is it not a beautiful future for not only Arendelle and Northuldra, but also for my fellow spirits?

All this is unfolding while Arendelle embraces the modern world, with all its excitements and dangers. Northuldra has suffered many decades of spirit-imposed isolation. It’s a land thrown back in time, a magical place that has no place in a world of steam, railroads, and colonial might. Anna believes, and I agree with her, that despite the risks, Arendelle must be the country to guide Northuldra’s integration into the family of nations. If Arendelle doesn’t do it, no one else will, and indeed, Northuldra will be ripe for imperial designs, with nations looking at its natural and magical resources just as our grandfather did: with a mixture of contempt, fear, and covetousness.

Of course, Anna and I are not naive, and we recognize this work of bringing together Northuldra and Arendelle will take decades, perhaps long after Anna is no longer queen. We must build the right foundations. That is why I suggested that my sister invite Honeymaren to be Northuldra’s representative in Arendelle, and for an embassy to be built there. Since Anna was serious enough about Northuldra to ask for my advice, I think that the region and its people should be proactive in working with other nations, to stand its ground and carve out its own space.

I thought that Honeymaren, with her spirit and character, would be a perfect teammate to my sister. It seems I was right. From what I hear when I visit Arendelle, Honeymaren is doing very well as Anna’s diplomatic right hand. I like to think I know her intimately by now, and she must be relishing the work of meeting and talking with people, even if diplomacy can be tiring, tedious, and wrought with mutual frustration and wasted dinners. I just hope she comes back to Northuldra as much as she can.

Many questions lie ahead. Are Anna and I too idealistic? Maybe. But what I love about Anna is that she would rather aim high and fall short, than to manage her hopes out of a fear that they can’t be realized. I have chosen, in my new life, to be there for her and to follow her as she leads us. I hope sharing with you what I advise Her Majesty in my guest column will also let you know more about my way of thinking – for all our peoples and kingdoms.

Signing off, the Snow Queen

7 thoughts on “Elsa’s Guest Column: Northuldra Joins the Family of Nations

  1. Elsa, your insight is amazing. And I must admit, the love I have discovered for you is immense, and is something I wish I had discovered years ago. Alas, when I was originally introduced to you, I was met with annoyances from
    family and thus came to allow that to establish a hateful view towards you and only you, not anyone else (not even Hans if you can believe that). It would be until last summer when I finally realized that this mentality was flawed and inconsiderate, that I was being blinded by outside forces. And so I decided to challenge myself, to discover if I really did dislike you, or not. And as it came to be, my old mentality has been thrown out the proverbial window. I adore you and Queen Anna, and I have come to find that I have certain things in common with the both of you; while overall Anna and I are more alike, I’ve come to find relations with you as well. I am proud to have you in my life, and I am proud to be an Arendellian.


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    1. Dearest Alan, I’m honoured to receive your letter – I like to think I’m a good pen pal now that Anna and I are writing each other all the time. I’m flattered indeed about your change of heart for me. I’m also very happy that you were able to challenge yourself to think differently, and discover a wiser, kinder, and more beautiful version of yourself. It’s a very attractive side of you. I’ve heard good things from my sister about you and she very much needs patriots to help her.

      Elsa of Northuldra-Arendelle

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      1. Thank you so much Elsa, I’m reading your response and I’m about ready to cry in happiness, thank you so much. I’m definitely much happier to have you and your entire world in my life’s existence. Hindsight is 20/20 and life has a strange way of working, I think you know that better than anyone. Looking back, I can’t imagine hating you now the way I did then. Call it maturity I guess.
        Indeed, Anna could use all the support she can get, the slander towards you and Northuldra being involved in Arendelle’s affairs is a downright travesty created by old-heads who still believe in all that Reunard b.s., or what have you. Its insane to see people so adamant about this. The bottom line is you can’t break the bond between you/Northuldra and Anna/Arendelle, you just can’t. Its time these haters learn to shut up and leave you guys alone, if they don’t like the way things are going, then they can give up their places of power and give them to people who like the way things are going.
        All in all, to say I am one of the most staunch supporters of you guys is a massive understatement. I won’t allow the slander to go unchecked, and I plan on offering up my two sense about it very soon. Don’t let the haters get to you Elsa, they want to isolate Arendelle and essentially banish you from ever coming back to Arendelle in terms of the management of the kingdom, and as far as I am concerned, I REFUSE to allow that.

        Best wishes,


  2. My dearest and most favorite Snow Queen Elsa,

    When I heard and read about yours and Anna’s trip to Northuldra and how it not only transformed you into the Snow Queen that you were meant to be, but also how Anna went through her own “baptism of fire,” finding out that with her own talents and skills, it would make her into a great leader of people, a united nation. It was a wise decision on your part for Anna to be Queen of Arendelle and you be the protector and defender of Northuldra. Not only there, but Arendelle as well. Together, you and Anna are the bridge, and I would dare say that both of you also as the bridge, that you and Queen Anna make sure that no one like your Grandpa Runeard, armed with hatred, fear, contempt, etc., would dare to pull any more evil, detestable, dispicable, dirty deeds ever again on Northuldra, on yours and Anna’s watch. I have complete confidence to “Make Arendelle Great Again.” And great as in banishing outdated hatreds that marked past reigns. Many said that you up and left Anna holding the bag on Arendelle. That is just not so. Who better to her your sis than you? Your loving bond with Anna that has surpassed every test and it still is as strong as ever. Plus you were Arendelle’s Queen for 3 years prior. I can think of no better mentor than you.

    As for the back biters, like I wrote to your sister, as far as I’m concerned, they can go skinny dip in the Dark Sea and let the Nokk have at ’em! They will never change their minds and will always be grumbling. I’m sure there are some in Parlament that do support you both. Make the most of them. Work with them and make the others eat crow!

    Lastly, don’t allow your self to get down. I know that the transformation gave you a new self confidence, peace and happiness that beams off of your face! Yet we”re still human and crap like the whisperers can be a drag. Look up, talk to The Great Spirit, God, and he will refill your joy to overflowing!


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    1. Hello, dear and kind Mike – Elsa here. Your encouraging words really give me strength and remind me of the things Anna and I are doing right. I agree with you: Anna is the queen Arendelle deserves. We do want to move forward: not separately, but as one, together, a team. I admit I’m sometimes surprised by how many obstacles there are, but – yes! I was queen for a few years! I can be a bit silly, can’t I?

      Mike, you’ve raised a really important point: there are indeed ministers in the Great Assembly who are not only loyal to Anna and her vision, but have affection for my tenure as their sovereign. I am sure Anna is having frequent meetings with them these days.

      As for me, you’re right: I finally feel comfortable with myself and that is why I feel confident in advising Anna. I’m sure we will fight our case, and win, thanks to public support and from friends like you.

      Love, Elsa


  3. Nah. Not silly at all, unless it’s you and Anna being up to something!ūüėĀ Queen Anna can use all of the help her older sister can offer her to help run Arendelle and start the ball rolling on incorporating Northuldra. 34 years imprisoned behind a veil of mist has all but stopped time for those folks. They need a gentle, gradual update to current time happenings, all the while being defended by you and Arendelle from those who seek greedy conquests. One king in hearing about The United States of America’s Constitutional Republic government commented, “I will not let a scrap of paper come between me and my subjects!” He’s another conquest-mad tyrant.

    Say hello and give my love to your sister Anna for me!

    Mike K.

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    1. Dear Mike: Yes, I agree with you very much. I must work closely with Anna on matters of Northuldra’s future: it position as a pristine, ecologically-unspoiled world of magic and spirits is extremely vulnerable. Anna is doing her very best and her recent entanglement with the British Empire has brought to her attention this very big country across the ocean. I think Arendelle must learn from many different countries and societies to be able to thrive.

      Take care and thank you,


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