Letters to the Editor

Recently, Elsa showed me articles from The Arendelle Guardian’s rivals like the Snow Herald and the Fjord Times, which called Queen Anna “a child of Northuldra” like it was a bad thing, an insult. To me, Anna’s real foes are not external challengers or even aggressive empires, but bigoted attitudes lurking within the corridors of Arendellian power. – Yelena of Northuldra, tribal chieftain

Her Majesty was very brave to resist calls within the Great Assembly to keep Arendelle in relative isolation. There is a certain comfort in remaining distant from the conflicts of much larger powers beyond our borders, but everyone can see the world is becoming more and more interconnected and I don’t see how we can do anything except try to engage it. – Aleksander, schoolteacher

I think the owner and the reporters of this newspaper have grown so hyper-partisan, so fanatical in their devotion to the queen, that they’ve done a lot of damage to the credibility of the kingdom’s Great Assembly. Not everyone has to agree with Her Majesty, and it’s certainly not in The Arendelle Guardian’s business to manipulate the public in her favour. I think your team is doing journalism a disservice. – Georg, retired

I am thrilled that Arendelle Plaza is so alive these days. Products from all over the world are being showcased thanks to the Yokohama delegation, from textiles like cotton and silk to spices and peppers. I love looking at good coffee and tea to buy for my wife. I think the queen should make a bigger deal out of this: didn’t the government try to promote our kingdom’s tourism a while ago? – Ugo, train builder

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