From Victoria, to Anna (I)

Queen Anna,

Up until a few weeks ago, my government had never even mentioned the name of your kingdom to me.

Your Nordic domain is so small, I needed my cartographer to locate it on a map of Europe for me. You also have no colonies abroad, unlike Great Britain’s crown jewels in India, Africa, and elsewhere.

Compared to mine, your military might is negligible, your political influence unnoticeable.

But you not only negotiated a settlement with my foreign secretary that was favourable to you, but also gave my ministers a pretext to kneecap the arrogant East India Company – something they have wanted to do for a long time.

You’ve bested my finest diplomats, run circles around my empire’s invincible military, and made a fool of the East India Company.

I am fascinated by you and confess that I want very much to see you.

What is Arendellian culture like? What struggles and trials has your royal family endured? And how is it possible that you can stand against our imperial British juggernaut?

I have many more questions, but I shall not write them down here. I would invite you to England, or, perhaps even more exciting, I should like to come to see this cold yet beautiful kingdom of yours: if you have the graciousness to invite me.

You are of 21 summers, I of 18. The more I think of what you’ve done, the more I believe I can learn from you. I can sense a fire in you. You seem determined to make a mark on how this world is run and history is told. I am younger than you, but the gap is small. like to think you’re open-minded enough to see what I am capable of as well.

There is no need for you to speak to Viscount Palmerston in future diplomacy with Great Britain. Writing directly to me is most desirable.

I anticipate your reply with relish, Anna of Arendelle.

From she who hopes is a kindred spirit to you,

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