Anna’s Column: Is Home Still Where Elsa Is?

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By HM Queen Anna

Her Majesty’s column is published exclusively by The AG. This was reprinted from last night’s evening edition of the paper.  

To this day, there is a faction within the government, and perhaps even within my court, which is reflexively suspicious of Elsa’s weekend visits to the palace. It infuriates me to no end that they can’t understand that Elsa is more than just comfort and company, as she’s always been. She is my greatest advisor. Of course, I couldn’t do without Kristoff’s presence, and I defer to General Mattias on all manner of big and important matters. Even this paper’s old and cranky editor, who Elsa and I affectionately call “chief,” has been advising and aiding us since my eighteenth.

But it’s Elsa who, as the Fifth Spirit and Snow Queen, has her finger on the pulse of the very land itself, through the soil, under the sea, and in things deep below Northuldra and the far reaches of the Dark Sea. Even my most loyal ministers and nobles consistently underestimate the vast wisdom she possesses. She is actually my wisest counsellor, because she’s transcended. She sees the world with… different eyes, in richer colours.

It’s thanks to her that I have a three-step, strategically comprehensive plan for government. Baked within that plan is not only the modernization of Arendelle’s economy and the grand alliance that we must build to survive in today’s geopolitical environment, but also a long-term objective for both Northuldra and Arendelle, agreed upon by Elsa and myself. It is a promise that we made together after my becoming queen: full union of the two regions, so that spirits and human beings become as used to each other as next-door neighbours. It will be Arendelle’s next step in its self-understanding. Given its politically explosive implications, we must move carefully. Even now I hear whispers in the corridors of the Great Assembly about Elsa being the “Northuldran influence,” or the “puppet witch.” This deliberately hurtful language aside, the concern of these ministers is that I’m looking out for Northuldra at Elsa’s behest, and at Arendelle’s expense.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What benefits Arendelle, helps Northuldra. What is good in the north is good for us here, too. My destruction of my grandfather’s dam, the placating of the spirits, Elsa being freed from Ahtohallan to save Arendelle – hasn’t all this taught us that the two realms’ fates are one?

So, no, I don’t apologize for seeking out Elsa’s council, although I’m not stupid – I know it might not look good to a certain few for Elsa to come over for sleepovers so often. Is it that outrageous? She might not live with me anymore, but she’s still my sister.

For all my wrangling with my more critical ministers and jarls, perhaps there is a kernel of truth in their critique of these weekly visits that I have Elsa pay me. I hold Kristoff close to me at night, and he is my rock, my northern star. But I can’t deny that without Elsa in the palace, I find myself often invoking her, in happy and stressful times alike. I’m not even necessarily looking for her. It’s as if… her presence never truly left the palace, and I’m always suffused in it.

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“Some things never change,” I once told Olaf. I might have to modify my little catchphrase: people will always change, and the feelings we have for each other often change… but not all of these feelings. I’m crystal clear about my emotions towards Elsa, which have not changed one jot. The brutal truth is that I adore Elsa as Arendelle’s supreme commander as much as I did when I was a tiny girl.

Perhaps I’m just having a moment of reminiscence, dwelling wistfully on old times past. Don’t worry: I wouldn’t trade my crown for any false allure of going back to some more carefree arrangement. Not only is it an unbelievable privilege to lead my country and serve my people, it was Elsa herself who entrusted the throne to me. I would die before I failed her.

What do you think, dear citizen? Am I trying to have the best of both worlds? If I really have changed and matured into a queen, can I really always hold on to Elsa’s hand like I’ve always done?

It’s getting late. I should stop thinking about Elsa and politics for now. Thanks for staying with me in this evening edition. I hope my late night thoughts are more interesting to you than they sound to me.

Signing off with a bit of melancholy, your friend and servant.

Love, Anna

7 thoughts on “Anna’s Column: Is Home Still Where Elsa Is?

  1. Reading this article, it really goes to show how much you have grown, Queen Anna. I adore the relationship you and Elsa have; never let anyone tell you that she can’t be there for you, she deserves to be able to help you when you need it, and to be able to visit you whenever as well. Anyone who says otherwise will get a stern scolding personally delivered from me, as I do find myself in love with Elsa and I have immense respect for both of you. I
    would die for you both. Keep on being great.

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    1. Hello Sir Alan! Thank you for your encouragement – it does hurt to stand there and hear some of my officials openly slander and insult Elsa. It would feel so good to see you give them a dressing down. I’m so thrilled by the love that you hold for my sister. I’m sure you’re quite the charmer, noble knight, but if you ever need Elsa to get a… well, you know, nudge, let me know.

      Your friend and servant, Anna

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      1. Thank you for your kind words, your Majesty. I would truly enjoy lambasting anyone who believes that Elsa should not be allowed to visit and help you, the slander is absolutely unnecessary. Anyone who believes that way can go to hell, they do not deserve to be in power. Elsa deserves the best, not just from you, but from whomever she’s with, whether it be me or Honeymaren. I won’t fight Maren for Elsa’s hand, but if I need to, will make my worthy case. I love Elsa and I want nothing more than for her to be happy. One of my greatest wishes is to interview both you and Elsa, it would be something special.
        Your friend, Alan

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      2. Hi there, Sir Alan! In my darker moments I do wonder who voted these guys in, but it’s not up to me to fire them. I so very much appreciate your passionate defence of me though, and I hope you and I can convince the rump group of these ministers that Elsa is just fine, right?!

        My sister does deserve the best, and I try to resist prying into her love life (I’d love to know any gossip, though). I’ve no doubt that you’d treat her amazingly, although I must admit, I’ve had Honeymaren working by my side for a while now and… she’s one incredible woman. You’ll just have to show Elsa that you’re just that more amazing!

        Next time Elsa is at the palace, I’ll be glad to ask her if we can bare our hearts to you.

        Your friend and servant, Anna

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  2. I have watched you both grow into strong, smart and beautiful women who have taken on the roles you now find yourselves in with confidence, boldness and conviction to be world changers. Let me repost your question “Am I trying to have the best of both worlds? If I really have changed and matured into a queen, can I really always hold on to Elsa’s hand like I’ve always done?”

    Answer, yes. As a matter of fact, Elsa is holding onto yours at the same time. You were both meant to be together! Your qualities and attributes may be opposites, but together, they fit like a hand in a glove (no offense Elsa!) You both made a promise to do this together, and together, with God’s hand of Providence, you will both succeed in any task you and Elsa face for both lands. And your undying love for one another and your family and Providence will see you through.

    As for those who whisper behind closed hands, bad mouthing you and Elsa, you tell them to go skinny dippin’ in The Dark sea. You two have gone through more hell than anyone should to come to the place you’re at right now, and those clowns have no right to backbite either of you, period!

    Elsa knows and has complete confidence in you as Queen of Arendelle. Both of you together will make sure that what your Grandpa did to Northuldra will NEVER happen again nor any other detestable, despicable, dirty deed there or in Arendelle on your’s and Elsa’s watch.
    Mike K.

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    1. Dear Mike K.,

      Thank you for reminding me that Elsa is holding onto my hand as much as I am hers. That is so true. From time to time I get a bit stressed and lose my grounding, but you’re right: being your servant-queen is not my project alone; it’s also Elsa’s. We can’t accomplish our vision for both Northuldra and Arendelle without working closely together, and that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do, whatever the government gossip.

      Your praise is too kind, but I’ll work my hardest to live up to it. I won’t disappoint you.

      Your friend and servant, Anna

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  3. I know you won’t! Let’s redo MAGA from my time to say “Make Arendelle Great Again!”

    You both keep each other grounded and I know there are those also who thought that Elsa threw you the job and you under the ice wagon! I say no! You both made the promise to do this together and you’re both in it for the long term.

    Give my love to your sister Elsa! I love you too!


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