Dinner with Arendelle’s Editors

Photography. Steam. Heavy industry. Celebrity. The modern world is crashing upon Arendelle like a fjord storm, and riding the waves are the high priests of the press – a new class of professionals and proprietors of the media pulling the levers of public opinion and national destiny, to bend governments to their will and ideology.

Philosopher-kings ruling their newspapers as fiefdoms, columnists, senior reporters and writers, and correspondents seek to expand their readership and networks, ruin celebrity careers through well-timed gossip and hit jobs, and lobby for laws to get passed or junked. This is the world Anna discovers upon her coronation, and one that she relishes throwing herself into with The Arendelle Guardian’s help.

The editors and owners of papers are particularly used to holding court, and most of them do so in the cigar smoke-drenched rooms of the Nokk Club over gin and tonic, sodas and lemonades, and long lunches and late night coffee. At many dinners are heated conversations between senior journalists over the monarchy and the future of the country…

“Your paper has such a fetish for Anna. Are you sure you don’t have some creepy obsession with her? Your royal redhead is a shrew playing statesman.”

“She’s doing damn fine, problems notwithstanding. Your Snow Herald paper kissed the arse of that criminal abuser Agnarr for years, so shut your big hole, bootlicker!”

“She’s an amateur, my friend. All of us can agree that she’s only slightly less malleable than Elsa.”

“She’s an amateur who’ll surpass her father and grandfather, you shit. And I think you’ll find that anyone who bets against the younger of the Diarchy will lose money. You’ll see.”

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