Elsa and Anna, the Diarchy: Who Rules Arendelle?

Art by Judit Hallet

LONG LIVE “THE SNOW QUEEN” – Elsa, the Snow Queen, Elder of the Diarchy, the Fifth Spirit, Sovereign Protector of Northuldra.

LONG LIVE “THE PEOPLE’S QUEEN” – Anna, Sovereign and Queen of Arendelle, Younger of the Diarchy, commander-in-chief of the Arendellian Grand Army and Fleet, Grandmistress and Appointer of the Order of the Wheat Stalk.

Parliamentarians favoured by The AG call Elsa the Angelic Advisor, a sister-muse that whispers comfort and counsel in Anna’s ear. Hostile ones in the corridors of power call her the Phantom Puppeteer, the shadow queen steering Arendelle’s fate and binding it to Northuldra. Both Anna and Elsa remain intimately connected as co-queens, as a Diarchy. But what constitutes this unique relationship?

Merriam-Webster defines “diarchy” as “a government in which power is vested in two rulers or authorities.” The Diarchy embodied by Anna and Elsa is unique for the following:

1. Neither are traditional monarchs. Elsa’s true identity was the Snow Queen, and Anna could only become Queen of Arendelle because Elsa crowned her.

2. The sisters love each other to the point they’d die for the other. They have no patience for comparisons of who is “better.”

3. The sisters represent two sides of the same coin: Anna the worldly and human, Elsa the spiritual and natural.

4. As they’re of mixed ethnicity, the Diarchy embodies Arendelle as one with Northuldra, realms mutually and equally connected.

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